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  1. Ok so really The Golden Calf of Bristol would not help but could you imagine media day with The Golden Calf of Bristol.  That would be soooooo much better than the game.
  2. I always heard it was Lathon that hit him.  I also always though he called Lathon the N word.  The most I do remember from that time is every time I went out drinking uptown, which was about every night since I lived there, you were guaranteed to find Kerry somewhere uptown drinking.  Either with Garcia or about 3 girls.
  3. Wade Phillips

    Wade Phillips is a very good defensive coordinator, but his defense and his approach to the 3-4 has not really changed since he was in Dallas and has remained the same for most of his coaching career.  He runs a 3-4 with 4-3 concepts in place.  The alignment of the players in his 3-4 resemble a 4-3 and not the traditional 3-4 that most people are use to seeing from guys like LeBou or Capers.  One of the DE's in Phillips scheme does not play the normal 5 technique that is mostly assoicated with the 3-4 but instead plays a 3 technique, like Short plays for us.  The outside LB to that side then plays a 7 technique, like a lot of DE in this league ( Ware in the case of Denver).  The nose plays usually a shade 0 and the other DE plays a 4 or 5 technique depending on the formation.  The other OLB then plays a 9 technique.  Everyone single gaps except for the nose, so it actually plays more like a 4-3, where you have single bubble, instead of a 3-4, where you have a double bubble.  If you use 3-4 offensive concepts against this type of alignment it won't work.  Offensive lines have to use 4-3 concepts against because you have to block it like a 4-3 overstacked defense. Typically he has not used a lot of A gap blitizes but instead uses more corner pressure and tends to bring more guys off the edges.  None of this is new.  He did this in Dallas and really stared doing alot of this in Buffalo.  Of course, when they are in nickle, which will be more than %50 of the time, none of this is revelant.  But in base defense, this is what Phillip does and has done for years.  Nothing revolutionary it's just that no one else does it anymore.      
  4. Madden Predicts Super Bowl 50

    Did you miss the fact that Manning now is not Eli, Rogers or Wilson or really even close to them.
  5. Madden Predicts Super Bowl 50

    I find it hard to believe that the Broncos come back from 17-0 but that's just me.
  6. Marty Hurney

    If you mention Cam and Luke for the good things Marty did you have to mention guys like pickles and Brown for the bad things Marty did.  He paid guys for what they meant to this team and how he felt about them more than what they were really worth.  Hell Cam is the only guy from the 2011 draft still on this team and maybe still even in the NFL.  He was great with most of his 1st round picks but after that he was maybe 50/50.  At best.  With some of his picks he should have been stock pilling picks to get as maybe picks as he could to increase his changes to get someone that could help this team instead trading away picks to get one guy.  The reason we went 2-14 is because the lack of talent at the bottom of the roster after the starters went down.  That is because of bad drafts in 2009 & 2010. So while Marty did a good job of getting some core guys for this team he was not a great talent evaluator and really did a poor job of overpaying for good, but not great, talent that we had on this team.
  7. I loved Cam at Auburn.  My best friend is a Alabama fan so that 4 touchdown comeback in the iron bowl had me going wild.  But I remember going to take my dog to the vet, who is an Auburn grad, about a week after the draft and we were talking about Cam.  Both of us we in agreement that he was either going to be the greatest QB to come out of college in 20 years or he was going to suck something awful.  So I guess we were both half right.
  8. The band-aids for feelings part is the best.
  9. 2003 vs 2015 Panthers

    In reality, the 2005 and 2008 teams were both better than the 2003 team.  If Jake did not go all Carson Palmer on us against the Cardinals we coast into the super bowl that year because the Eagles team the Cardinals beat for the NFC crown in 2008 was not that good.  If the 2005 team did not lose all of their running backs right before we played the Seachickens who knows how that game would have turned out.
  10. For those 21 and up

    I was hoping for p0rn from the tread title.  Or at least a picture of Cam.  Very dissapointed.  Would not read again.
  11. Record Day on the Huddle Yesterday

    Only 25% p0rn wtf.   I must be doing something wrong I got more of a 50/50 split.
  12. DC Sean McDermott

    If I remember correctly, and I am not sure that I do, Sean was interviewed for the Browns head coaching position the last time it was open.  I am not sure if he was interviewed by the Browns back then or just rumored to be.
  13. Just a thought, isn't it Norman's job to keep Beckham from catching the ball???  If that means making him mad or pissing him off to the point where he is not thinking about catching the ball but about beating up Norman isn't that Norman doing his job???  Maybe this is not football anymore.  I feel confused.
  14. KK Short Is The Carolina Panthers Defensive MVP

    No offense to Luke or Josh but Jeremy is right.  That should be the only time anyone ever says that on the board.   No matter how good a LB, that is not a pass rusher, or a DB is they can only have so much impact on a game. If you throw the ball to the other side of the field Josh has no impact on that play, he is covering his guy and keeping the throw from coming his way but if it was designed to go the other way anyway he cant stop it.  If you throw the ball outside the numbers, short or deep Luke cant have an effect on the play.  He can tackle the guy after he catches it but unless he is in man coverage he is going to be in the middle of the field and unless he has a 1/2 second 30 yard dash he cant get there.   A defensive lineman can effect every play he is on the field.  If the ball is run at him he can stop it.  If the ball is run away from him he can chase it down from behind.  If its a screen he can knock the pass down or tackle the back before he gets started.  If its a quick pass he can either push the lineman back into the quaterback and disrupt the throw or knock the pass now.  Or, of course he can sack the quarterback.  That's why everyone refers the JJ Watt as the best defensive player in the NFL.  He just impacts the game more than Luke or anyone else can except another defensive lineman.  KK has had the same kind of impact on our defensive as JJ Watt has for the Houston defensive.  So I would have to agree with Jeremy this time.  Damnit