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  1. carolinarolls added a post in a topic Where is our power rushing game?   

    topic bears stark contrast to pre Cam era when Fox and Co. built the team every year to do nothing but run and most offense-related threads were about a desire to air it out more.  
    we need to be able to get two yards when the D knows the rush is coming no doubt, just an observation on how things have changed
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  2. carolinarolls added a post in a topic SCPs Day 3 Training Camp Report   

    Jerseys on adults are teh ghey anyway. Where it is worn in this instance is by definition an additional damning step I'll admit, but the capacity for "jersey in public" kind of defines these people from the jump. Kind of like DRUNK redneck, LAZY asshole, or ENTITLED liberal. It's just poo-icing on the already inedible cow pie.
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  3. carolinarolls added a post in a topic Tell me what stat the Panthers will lead the NFL in this year.   

    This was my first thought too. Too many trees plus cam plus Tolbert plus.. Great stat to lead btw
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