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  1. I stopped at "Josh Norman started it" Who knew there were so many fuging baby-boi, softee-Tards hailing the city that claims "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere"
  2. B-B-B-Becky with a bat Shes got electric boots, a mohair suit 
  3. GoFundMe to pay OBJs fine

    Probably started by Goodel   Becky is the bell cow. 
  4. This media stir surrounding the Beckham stuff...

    I believe you are right.  The Becky situation, and specifically the spineless-shield media that has engulfed it should be enough to remind the Panthers and Panther fans exactly what the NFL thinks of us.    The hired help.    They are not smiling when we walk out of the room. The high-fives and back-slapping is not genuine.  Pick up that big ass chip.  Put it back on your shoulders, and mercilessly wield it in battle.     
  5. What is REALLY wrong with Odell Beckham?

    I don't know or care if he is gay, straight, bi, or trans.   None of that matters.   Its all smoke.  The kind that only simpletons inhale.    Becky did not like getting talked out of his game and is not only too immature to arrest himself during said game, he's too much of a pussy to admit he got owned.    I support Josh Norman. If this smoke screen (one of several that have been floated now) is enough to bring doubt in your conviction to support 24, consider yourself one of the simpletons mentioned above and que up another NFL Total Acces podcast. 
  6. Dilfer/Lewis say OBJ reacted to cheap shots

    The truth is that rooster-headed punk ass bitch got away with worlds more than Josh would have gotten away with had the 13-0 yankers come into mediocre Carolina and their star received similar treatment. They can whine about whatever they want to. It's irrelevant.    the homicidal coat tail and his rider are just shining the shield    
  7. Unnamed sources claim Panthers directed slurs at OBJ

    I can tell 'em where they can stick their unnamed sources. No legitimate journalists or reputable news outlet sensationalize narratives with unnamed sources.   Stay tuned in to ESPN for incessant updates on the "topic".
  8. Eli Manning calls out Josh Norman

    3 years ago I would have taken Eli straight up over Cam any day of the week. I've been pretty embarrassed over that since but never more than after reading this.    Im fully ready for the Manning era to come to a close and I am sick of the media bias.   Fortunately, one of those things is on the downslope toward realization.   Unfortunately, the other thing seems to get worse no matter what the Panthers accomplish.       
  9. Yeah, let him hide his ***** ass in th slot again and drag across the middle.    Klein time. Send that rooster-headed POS to x -Ray.   
  10. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    No respect for odell    *****    
  11. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    Just smash Romo to bits.    All of you.   in no particular order
  12. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    I tuned in to local for a few minutes today long enough to hear some cowboyee douche try to convince the host that since Romo was undefeated, two undefeated teams were playing tomorrow.  I shared that insanity with the moron cowboy janitor when he came to vacuum my office and he immediately agreed. Having not been clever enough to formulate that gem on his own prior, I found out later he was impressed with the great news. I did get at least three more random chuckles out of him throughout the rest of the day.  Yes, he proceeded to spread the "two undefeated teams" headline throughout the plant.  Stupid is just stupid
  13. The moron seems strong with him
  14. So this happened on the way to Charlotte

    Sweet 'stang bro