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  1. Johnson and Hardy

    there may be a positive for Hardy in this, his actions landed him on a really crappy team that lacks team chemistry. Sure it's the cowboys and I bet he thought he was going to a star and could work his brand into the star, but he got shut down by a quiet but hard hitting team that unlike cowboys are close and support each other.  He needs to come out and admit guns and groupies were a bad move and he was immature. Put some time in supporting domestic violence programs and grow up. And then one day he could return to the place he misses most- the brotherhood of the Panthers...but until then- he's more of a squid than kraken.
  2. I fit that description and am a huge supporter but after the dust up in TN I think more people understand him. as to bandwagoners, Is PU onboard yet?
  3. 10 reasons the Panthers are 10-0

    It's best kind of team, bruising with great team chemistry...and the fan base is growing every game. Love going to BOA and hearing the crowd... Keep   Poun-ding
  4. Wouldn't it be better to have some possession receivers for the middle over a nicked up Brown for outside speed? I would think Brown is going to get allot of balls in traffic.  Dallas will have some penetration and Cam will need to get the ball out quick- Cotch and Bersin  with Teddy and Funchess sounds better to me.
  5. Here we go....who wins and the final score

    I don't see either defense changing and the big D is 13th in the league. We beaten better defenses in Seattle/TN on the road and HOU at home. So I see no reason why we can't we can't run on the #15 rushing defense in TX. if we run well and Cam enjoys the limelight and we put up our ave 30 pts, I don't see our defense allowing more than 20 pts. In fact, I think we punish Romo and he has brain freeze at the half. We get two turnovers in the second half and walk away with a convincing win and a turkey leg...  Panthers 32 Dallas 17
  6. USA today using Jeremy's Pics?

    Newtonian physics?
  7. who is the Hardy guy? this weekend we took care of the Indians and next week it's the Cowboys. I don't care about the names, I just want to see them all crushed. I've seen teary eyed Packers fans, rejected Eagles fans and now Redskins fans who started to sing Hail to the...oh, crap who are these guys and why are we down by 17 at the half? so bring on the Cowboys and all that they stand for...and crush them... 
  8. Youngins at the games.

    I really thought this was about Funchess starting... nevermind and don't bring a kid unless they would remember the experience  
  9. Roll Call for Sunday Skins game

    second game this year, the wife got the tix for my birthday. My record since last year when attending games?  6-0 baby we are staying overnight for the first time, any recommendations for post game drink and food?  
  10. Aaron Rodgers

    if we hadn't kept Rogers on the run, he would probably beat us. He's one of the best and throws the prettiest ball in the league. Over rated? like Romo? not even close
  11. A 4.5 pt spread?  I'm assuming Vegas still looking for Panthers $$...and they may get mine.
  12. A rivalry

    I think the OP has missed the point, we are a relatively new and a small market team that has literally has no national respect, our issue is with Packer fans in Carolinas- these are our rivals, for now, if we meet GB in the playoffs it may start a rivalry but as far as teams-SEA is more of a rival than GB, we have a history with those guys. I'm sure Packers can relate when Vikings fans display the state of wisconsin with  "Vikings" country in your endzone. Or when Favre left for MN- how did that go down in dairy country? Yeah, that's how we feel about Carolina packers fans... 
  13. Perfect, this had potential to be a distraction, a BS one, but the fans seemed to be a little too hurt... I did read the policy that someone posted on banners and doesn't it say no logos? that would include the packers logo...
  14. I must say that as a huge fan of Morgan he played at the same speed as Luke but would get injured quite often. i think the Panthers were actually concerned about the concussions that started to pile up too. So I just hope that Luke can be figure out how to play hard but still avoid the hits to the head. Morgan couldn't resist the hard hit and eventually retired after leaving the Panthers due to the amount the concussions that he had accumulated...Beason and TD seemed to have avoided concussions ( at least to Morgan's level) so hopefully it's a matter of technique...