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  1. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    None... would rather draft one
  2. We lost the last game and get all the cam hate unreal...  I was headed to the gym about 945 tonight and on the way I was listening to gill on Sirius when this Denver fan chimed in to say cam showed no class after the game for some reason it got me upset so I called in and waited 45 min to say my piece. i brought up the constant criticism ever since he has been in the league , should he have acted differently sure but it's getting blown way out if proportion. Went on to bring up Brady saying the same thing as cam and Payton manning walking off the field against the saints and all were mvp. This all will blow over and they will be jumping back on the wagon in preseason.
  3. Mayocks first rankings

    I wouldn't be upset if the pick is Derrick Henderson from Alabama. Center of the oline will only be better next year and we are a running team.  I know we need help at de but I think g-man will bring in a free agent then draft one but I don't see him reaching for the 5th and 6th best de when he can get one of the top RB's. Super Bowl trends happen every year it's gonna be heavy on defense cause everyone will try to boost their defense in a draft flooded in talent which might push some good offensive talent down to us which might be to good to pass on. at this point it's great to look up guys and say I want this guy and that one. It's crazy how the rankings get shuffled so much after the combine, there will be 6 guys in the latest 1st round mock that will be 2nd rounders and one or two 3rd rounders come draft time.  Whatever happens I trust g-man to make the right call even if it's another double dip.
  4. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    I don't know but he would cheap to bring back he paid his dues. Only the team knows if he might be a distraction or fall in line. Alshon is a possible he did mention about wanting to play here mid season. 
  5. Did our oline have the right cleats on ? they were literally sliding backwards playcalling is everything it sets the team up for success and in turn gives them momentum. So when your first play of every drive is for little or no yards it's not good.  As far as the adjustments which were none but I would have love to see Williams come out and line up at TE next to remmers and put 2 tackles on Von Miller bet that would slow him down
  6. 30th Pick

    Braxton Miller is gonna be a playmaker and could boost the return game
  7. Sad thing is it's all true.. shula has not changed the difference between 2014 and 2015 was line protection and cam able to be cam nothing Shula did oh and ginn.  At no point during the game lets be honest there was no adjustments on offense and after that first quarter I knew something was not right and they sit in a box and watch the game too. was the o line hungover? This same group of men dominated Seattle and Arizona. They literally looked like they had roller skates on. it's time to get some real talent here and stop with the I drafted projects to protect our face of the franchise.
  8. If we do some how get Alshon that would great and even with kb back we will still be running non creative routes. Shula needs to go, get someone creative and let cam run it plain and simple.
  9. It was Shula not adjusting the blocking scheme and calling more quick slants and I don't think I saw one drag route. This kinda like a year and half ago cam with 2 maybe 3 sec to pass and everyone is running 30 yards down field. Please someone take Shula from us please
  10. I really don't know what I am watching but this is not panther football!!!
  11. Such A Tease...

    If Braxton Miller is there you take him no doubt he is a playmaker ..
  12. Wow Josh Norman and Deion have heat

    I believe there is a thread for this however that was a great interview! 
  13. Our team success as a whole depends on both lines Doing well but having a confident franchise QB helps a ton. So in saying that if we dominate the next 2 yrs then we can start the talk of maybe comparing us to the pats remember we are only a year and some change away from cam having 2 seconds if that to throw. 
  14. players Panthers are meeting with at the Senior Bowl

    Something else to keep in mind is not to pay much attention to who we talk too. With how good our drafts have gone we are gonna have to throw teams off of who we are really looking at. 
  15. Have not seen this stat:  with that win club record is .500 cams total TDs .                   50  Super Bowl                           50