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  1. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic AUTOGRAPHS   

  2. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread   

    Cam Newton has become one hell of a passer. Hats off to the man, shutting the doubters up one game at a time
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  3. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic Espn - Percentages of 2-0 Teams To Miss Playoffs   

    Like anyone knows what the fug FPI is, or gives a damn
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  4. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic Newton right now   

    Definitely can't be satisfied with anything short of sheer domination in the NFL (400+ yards of offense, no turnovers), otherwise there's no reason to go to work, so I agree. But that wasn't the point I'm trying to make. The Texans defense isn't necessarily dominant, but it's very unique and difficult to shut down (I compare them to Miami - beatable, but stingy and tough). Cam beat them the only way you can - take what they give you, be smart, don't force anything and make the play that's there to make. It's a very, very good feeling to know that our guy is doing that right now.
    Considering Watt has made a career out of being Watt the Swat and Clowney is a Peppers-like specimen, you're not going to see any other team in the league swat his passes like that.
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  5. PiratePanther189 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Newton right now
    Playing within himself, taking what the defense gives him, and most of all: putting the team on his back. He is absolutely carrying this offense right now (with the help of some above average pass blocking).
    Just watched the condensed replay of the game...Cam right now has significant command of this football team...it's the little things like quick views of what he's doing on the sideline coaching the guys up and how he's completely checking out of plays until the play clock is at 2 seconds. Even on that Norwood interception after getting his arm hit, he still put the ball on Norwood in stride, I thought to myself...this right now may be the best Cam Newton we've seen. Not because of his stats obviously, but because of his command of the offense, and the growth in his patience to take it one play at a time to win the game.
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  6. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic Question: put together trade package for WR   

    I think if Gettleman is going to make a move, he'll hopefully be able to reference the fact that Percy Harvin went to the Bills for a 6th and Brandon Marshall went to the Jets for a 5th.
    I know that at this point it's all about supply and demand, but we don't necessarily need a sure fire starter right now in order for it to be considered an "upgrade", we just need a plug in guy that can play and has potential. That's what's actually sad about this situation.
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  7. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic Ryan Broyles Released by Lions   

    It's really bad business to bring a player in that has ACL problems to replace a receiver that has ACL problems. If we're gonna do something, let's make sure that we're confident that the guy is gonna be able to dress out.
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  8. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic Question: put together trade package for WR   

    Well, just keep in mind that by and large player-for-player deals are really rare in the NFL anyways. A team that's going to ship a player off is typically going to look at a pick as more valuable than bringing another player (and more salary) in. Chip Kelly is really one of the few GMs in the league that has done player-for-player trades recently.
    Anyway, if we go that route, I just don't want to give up anything more than a 5th.
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  9. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic So how long before the NFL realizes Cam Newton is GREAT for the league   

    Yeah, it'll be a pretty simple process.
    If we get off to a hot start, the pregame shows will want to do an interview with Cam. Cam has become very good at the humbling interviews - he's developed some good stories for himself. Humble beginnings, thrown into the limelight at a young age, now he's grown up and learned, the "Fall Risk" bracelet, he loves the kids and his foundation.
    After a few of those interviews and he's playing well, people will instantly begin to love him.
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  10. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic Cut Steve Clifford A Little Slack   

    I'm not a Steve Clifford lover, but I will say I'm more in the camp of blaming a Marvin Williams 7 mil a year deal and a Lance Stephenson going full retard than I am blaming our losing games on Clifford playing Jason Maxiell or his rotation.
    I also think it's worth noting that comparing Clifford to Bud, a Thibedoux-like coaching genius that was Pop's right hand man for 17 years, and Steve Kerr, a rookie coach with front office experience and the most powerful dynamic duo in the league, is somewhat ridiculous. I'm not saying that we didn't drop the ball by not hiring Bud or Kerr, but let's be real. You have to realistically understand what you have, and although we don't have a tactical master like Bud, we don't have a coach that's a bad as you guys say or think he is. Verdict is still out on Kerr who appears to be a really good coach, but I can tell you that if you think he wouldn't struggle with this roster you should reconsider that opinion.
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  11. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic In October, What if i told you...   

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  12. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic GDT: Hawks @ Hornets   

    Was referencing their effort on both sides of the ball, and their offensive execution. They played hard for 4 quarters despite being given a tough challenge (for a set of backups) and a short bench. That speaks to their coaching, which is why they are so good at full strength. That's all I was saying.
    Obviously they're going to have some defensive lapses because 1. it's the NBA and 2. they weren't as talented.
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  13. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic GDT: Hawks @ Hornets   

    No doubt there
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  14. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic GDT: Hawks @ Hornets   

    They did exactly what they were supposed to do. Hawks rested their starters, Hornets won by 15. Tonight was a success.
    People act like Popovich doesn't rest his starters and win by 10+ every season. Bud is a Pop desendent and his teams play like it...no matter who is playing on the floor they're going to give their opponents a game. That system and the ball movement in it are both works of beauty, basketball art. I know they lost tonight but they still showed how good they are in that loss.
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  15. PiratePanther189 added a post in a topic Get Ready   

    Clifford, as a descendent of the Van Gundys, will always advocate for a good low post scorer.
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