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  1. No I know, but still. I mean, just looking at it from the other perspective, think about rehabilitating yourself 15 years ago and then still getting called out about it.
  2. Collins was a real son of a bitch back then. But he's since admitted his mistakes, no need for E.D. to call him out on TV like that IMO.
  3. Are you a real Carolina fan, or a 2016 Carolina fan?

    Uh HELLO...Brian St. Pierre?? I mean...WTF is this amateur hour? Threw a bomb to one of the best receivers in Panther history.

    Dammit talk about blue balls!! Can't wait for a re-upload
  5. Ay yi yi....a 7 point win and your team just lost 38-0 2 weeks ago? You're obviously a genius Good win, glad you guys were able to remember what it's like to score a touchdown on us.
  6. Once Upon A time It is What is was... Until Cam Newton Came Along...

    It's so true though...dude has the swag of a winner, brings a winning confidence and character, and has an incredible will to win. Even when he loses, like yesterday, he didn't walk away from that game without making plays that had you saying "damn...he's here to win and nothing less" Dude bull rushed through 4 defenders to gain 5 extra yards and walked away from the play with a bloody ear. He's not fuging around. He wants to be worth that damn contract.
  7. I seriously hate all of you.

    Give me a minute, I'm going to figure out the best way to answer you...
  8. Was recently on an Athlon Sports Top 10 Coordinators Under 40 list. Young energetic former NFL Wide Receiver. Set up an interview after Cutcliffe essentially called our AD and raved about him. Also got a "call of recommendation" from Mike Tomlin - for whom he was the WR coach for the '11 AFC Championship Team. People rave about him.  If he's good enough for Cutcliffe, he's good enough for me. That's the reality of it in my book. Look forward to his press conference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKTYD_1CJNM
  9. After his work at UNC this year with the same players they had last year, he deserves it no doubt. 
  10. Story that has come out is that Chizik's agent made initial contact with the search agency that ECU hired. They were together on Chizik's salary demands, but Chizik wanted ECU to pay the remainder of Chizik's salary that he'd be getting from Auburn (as a DC he could still receive money from Auburn, but a provision in his contract said that he would relinquish that pension if he became a head coach before it expired in 2016). That's where the line was drawn and both sides decided it probably wasn't going to work out at this time...but there are still folks saying don't count Chizik out. ECU may decide he's the best option and pony up with the offer he wants - but for the record it's a pretty substantial amount. He's also said to be negotiating with UNC right now on a raise, so looks like his agent used this situation as a bit of positioning as well ;). All in all, like I said before, this just doesn't appear to be the best situation for Chizik
  11. His record is actually .500 with and without Cam Newton. Either way it's pretty much confirmed he's no longer in contention for the job. People are saying we're down to 2 candidates - Brady Hoke and Everett Withers. I think there's probably a few other candidates, but those are the guys that have been narrowed down and confirmed. Shane Beamer was a candidate but he was told today we weren't interested anymore. It's been a weird week. Never would you have been able to tell me in August that in 1 year ECU would be starting the 2016 season without Ruff and with Brady Hoke or Everett Withers.
  12. Hasn't taken the job and word is that the interest has fizzled (likely on Chizik's side). He did interview on Monday and word has gotten out more publically about it. Not out of the running obviously, but I just don't see it happening. Quite frankly I don't think it makes sense for Chizik. 
  13. Ruffin McNeill out at ECU

    Ruffin was getting paid $1.5 million on a contract he signed 6 years ago that was set to expire after next season. Anyone that we hire will likely be getting paid over $2 million a year based not only on our increased athletic budget, but also because we have no choice based on the rate that our direct conference competitors are paying their coaches. That money does speak, so I wouldn't make a flat out statement like that. Lincoln Riley will pick the phone up, this is a business and he knows that based on the past he's going to have to be a head coach somewhere before he makes the jump many are presuming he makes. Bob Diaco won the Broyles Award and ended up at UConn, Tom Herman was at Ohio St for longer than LR has been at OU, and was a P5 coordinator for years, and he ended up at Houston. Chad Morris was the highest paid and hottest name in assistant coaching for years and he's at SMU. Those are all our conference mates. History repeats itself. The answer is that we don't know. Anything that you read is purely speculation. Our AD is keeping this close to the vest, he is very adamant in saying that he does not let details of coaching hires out under any circumstances. He's made one hire here, our baseball coach, and we had no idea who had even been interviewed, much less the targets. We had no idea who the coach was until pen was to paper.  I wouldn't get all up in arms about Satterfield. All I said was that he's a good coach, good man, and that I really don't think he's even a target. What we're looking for in this hire does not align with where he is right now. What you're saying about him not leaving holds just as much validity as what I'm saying so it's completely fair to say. No one knows what is going on. Very connected people are throwing out everything from Matt Canada to Al Golden right now, so that should show you just how little information is being presented. Good luck to App, I really have nothing bad to say about App. I really love App. I don't know what you're so worked up about, Satterfield isn't really being heavily talked about by fans. If anything it's being instigated by Joe Schad and USA Today reporters.
  14. Ruffin McNeill out at ECU

    He could potentially get paid more than twice as much at East Carolina, but he's not a realistic target anyway. They don't want him. Good coach and good man, though.
  15. Ruffin McNeill out at ECU

    Well, put it this way. ECU's financial means and financial potential are both well within the conference. There are 2 major things happening in the conference: 1. Teams are building brand new stadiums (Houston, Tulane), new football facilities (Memphis, Houston), or substantially renovating (Cincy, Navy). We also have a really big athletic campaign that's going to be announced Q1 2016. 2. Teams are bringing in high-paid coaches or are keeping their coaches by giving them P5-level raises (Chad Morris, Montgomery, Tom Herman, Scott Frost, Mike Norvell) The fact is, based on the results - and specifically the results - we had no choice but to make some kind of move in order to keep up with the Joneses. This is something that was never planned to happen this fast in the AAC, but the conference is rapidly rising. Now, there are rumors that he refused to make staff changes (wanted to continue to hire from within). That is unconfirmed, but if true is not smart. The Chizik hire is a perfect example of why - I'm not saying we could hire an assistant to the level of Chizik, but we could do much better than promoting our LBs coach to DC which was the rumored situation - we also could do much better than promoting a WR coach to OC and a grad asst. to WR coach (which is what we did last year). The conference is moving forward at rapid speed, and we more than have the capabilities to do the same, but the mission of Ruff (his famous saying is build "brick by brick" and not "microwave" it) and the AD (win and win now), did not align. I think Compher has absolutely no choice but to hire a slam dunk coach here - and considering this is all but confirmed to be a big donor-motivated decision, the financial backing is certainly going to be there to do something. Ruff got paid 1.5 mil a year before we moved to the AAC and therefore got more money. Before this past season, that was near the top of the AAC. Now, it's near the bottom. We'll see what they come up with. I love Ruffin, I really do. But this is a business, and ECU is in a transition right now that is very, very critical to the university (new chancellor, $100's of millions in academic and athletic facility plans).  His teams were heavily penalized (top 10 worst 2 years in a row), largely undisciplined, lost too many games in "full retard collapse" mode, and never were in position to win trophies. Coaching is coaching, they know what they're getting in to. He's as good as they come as a man, but the results don't justify spending another year to possibly be in the same boat. Ruffin is a terrific recruiter (which I am worried about), and an incredible representative to the University, but he isn't a good in-game coach. There has never been any doubt of any of that.