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  1. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    I've never met anyone with a more ill-fitting name than you. You are as United behind the Panthers as the Congress is over political matters. Jesus dude, give it a rest. 
  2. Cam backing away from the ball...

    I hate to blame refs, but the one-sidedness of the calls was questionable at best. And I'm being generous here. 
  3. Cam backing away from the ball...

    Our defense didn't come to play?! We held Denver to less than 200 yards of offense. Denver converted one third down. One!  No, defense wasn't the problem here. The problem was two-fold: the offensive line was horrid, and the receivers were just as bad. Cam was off, but even when he hit them, they dropped catchable balls. Don't blame the defense, they were every bit as good as Denver, minus the torrent of turnovers we committed. 
  4. Stop blaming the refs, we played like poo

    The refs played a huge part in this, make no mistake. The incomplete pass that was clearly a catch changed the whole game. The WHOLE game. It set the tone. And that shouldn't happen. Should we have overcome it? Sure. But it's tough when you have that kind of turnaround. I'd love to see what it would've been like without that gift TD. fug. 
  5. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    How in fugs sake is that not roughing the passer?!?!?!
  6. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    we picked a terrible time to implode. Can't believe this team lost to an offense that awful. The offense had never looked this bad all season. Wow. This is gonna sting. 
  7. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    It ain't over, boys. It's Cam time bitches. 
  8. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Cam's made for this. He will take the game on his shoulders and win this thing himself. 
  9. Huddle Super Bowl predictions

    Panthers 27 Broncos 16 Cam has a hand in every TD, wins MVP. 
  10. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Couldn't sleep last night, kept thinking, "When I go to sleep tomorrow night,my team, MY TEAM, could be Super Bowl Champions..."  I've waited 23 years to hear those words, and that dream could come true tonight.  Carolina 27 Denver 16
  11. Deangelo Williams picks....

    For you, DWill. 
  12. What position did you play?

    Only played one year of football, Sr year of HS (I was a hockey player, and damn good. Played for US National Team in World Jr's, but that's a different story), but I was a good athlete. Anyway, rode the pine as a RB and CB, played a few plays at end of games mostly, as we were not good. Last game, last play we were going to beat a good rival, I intercepted a deep ball and tried to take it to the house; hadn't ever touched the ball in a game, ever. Got tackled at the 5 Yard line, game and career over. Afterward, Coach said, "Nice play" and I told him, "Could've done that all year if you'd given me a chance".  Boom. True story. Every word of it. 
  13. Careful .. .this take is HOT

    This is exactly right. If you hire the guy you are convinced is the guy, then you have to show him some loyalty and an opportunity to put it all in place. To fire coaches every year, as the bottom-feeders invariably do, is to tell everyone in the organization: I don't know what I'm doing, but I sure as hell won't take the fall for it, so I'll fire the coach again. A long-range plan with a stable staff is what Carolina has, and that's why they are where they are now. Hats off to Gettleman, since he had the vision to see this through. 
  14. The headaches of the defensive players  started after watching film of Cam Newton. The offensive player's headaches started after watching film of Luke. #ScaredShitless