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  1. But how else will I be angry about Player X who I just Google'd and saw that he was projected by Todd McKiper as a 5th rounder?
  2. For anyone uninterested in the fifth round...

    Voth tweeted that Gettleman may try to package our 5th and 7th to get into the tail-end of the 4th round...hopefully some team would do it, but I doubt it.
  3. Best players left going in to day 3

    Cash or Cooper please. Expecting it to be a LB, RB, or QB though.
  4. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    Really hate the Saints for grabbing Vonn Bell right before our 2nd pick.
  5. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    I LOVE the draft I HATE the Huddle during the draft Surprise picks? Sure. But a lot of dudes we'd been linked to went early in the 2nd. I'm not going to pretend to know jack poo about the CBs we drafted, but I'll trust the staff to coach them up. I didn't know poo about Bene a couple years ago...worked out alright. As for the whole draft position thing...don't people constantly blast Kiper and Co. for their "expert" opinions never being right? GMan hadn't 2nd round grades on these CBs, then he had 2nd round grades on them. I'll trust the dude who's studied them as opposed to getting irrationally angry about a couple players I've never watched play being drafted "too early" because an arbitrary number was assigned to them by someone on the Interwebz.
  6. Top 30 players left after Round 1

    I'm starting to think DG is content with the DE group, so a guy like Ogbah may not be in play unless he fell in our lap ala Kony a couple years ago. He's talked about the potential of some of the practice squad guys before like Cox and Miley. He likes Delaire. And we already have CJ, Kony, and Addison so I think we may stand pat at DE. One of the Henrys, Fuller, Cravens, Shepard, etc. please.
  7. We should call up Prisco before every pick, ask who he thinks we shouldn't take, and then take that player.
  8. Top 30 players left after Round 1

    I wonder if next year's 3rd could come into play tomorrow since we'll be getting the Josh comp pick. Our 2nd and 4th to jump up....then our 3rd and next year's 3rd to get back into the 2nd maybe? Two 2nd rounders excites me, just don't know how viable it is.
  9. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Admittedly, I think I wanted Hunter Henry more...but "big men allow you to compete". Can't have too much front 7 (cough Denver cough). Go out tomorrow, and let's see a trade up in the 2nd to grab a Henry, Shepard, Dodd, Ogbah, whoever.
  10. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    I seriously think Gettleman gets a hard on for big dudes. And I have no issue with it. Let the DL eat, and it shows what this defense becomes. Recreate 2013's DL as best as you can, with better LBs now, and a better secondary now (than we had then).
  11. Peanut wants to play one more year

    Kinda figured he'd want to come back, and it allows the team not to be in panic mode for a CB...not that GMan would be anyway. Bene, Peanut, Boykin, Draft Pick, McClain, ain't last year, but I'll take it.
  12. Favorite songs about relationships

    Basically Glen Hansard's entire album from Once. Falling Slowly and Leave are some of the first songs that come to mind about relationships.
  13. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    Was coming to post Jacoby Brisset, was beat to it. Will probably drop to us in the 5th, could pimp him out during preseason over the next couple of years and maybe trade him. Or, he's Cam's career backup and a decent poor-man's version of Cam coming out of college.
  14. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    I think I've come full circle and now fully want Hunter tomorrow night. When all else fails, give me the clear cut best guy at his position, over the 4th or 5th option that has some issues in his game. There's secondary, DL, and a little WR depth in this draft, not so much at TE. Plus, the whole if Olsen were to get hurt thing? Yeah...really don't want to see what starting Ed Dickson does to this offense. Also another reason I'd be on board with Ryan Kelly if he's there at 30 as the successor to Kalil,
  15. Your final predictions (#30)

    We actually trade out, picking up a 2nd and 3rd. We take Ogbah, Hunter Henry, or Shepard in the 30-40 range. We trade up from our original 2nd round slot to take Derrick Henry. We grab Harlan Miller in the 3rd and another CB or S later. DG starts working the phones and brings in UDFAs that get the Huddle excited. In this scenario, both Vernon Butler and Ryan Kelly are off the board at 30 leading DG to not see a hogmollie he wants.