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I love LT

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LT was my favorite player ever in the NFL for a long time, til Smitty climbed up to sit on that perch with him.  The first football game I ever watched was the Washington vs Buffalo Super Bowl and after that I got this NFL Films vhs tape (don't remember the name) but there was an LT segment where he's hyped up and that's when I fell in love with him.  LT is probably the biggest singular reason I fell in love with football.  This interview was hilarious, especially toward the end.  Paraphrased excerpts:


"How many sacks would you get if you played the game today?"

"Man, in my day they'd pass 20 or 30 times a game.  These days they're throwing 60.  Just give me a Red Bull and it would be over."


"You wouldn't think Strahan would be a mean guy on the field, with that gap and all."


"When Strahan got to the Giants I tried to teach him a thing or two about life.  Luckily he didn't listen to any of it."

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    • Great. That's like putting this guy in charge
    • As far as the OP's question, any OT, Allen (wasn't impressed with him in the playoffs), Lattimore, Charlton and a QB. I'd be happy with Adams, Hooker, Fournette and Howard. I'd love Fournette or Howard.
    • Again, your generalizing people.  While there are plenty of examples of trashy people (lord knows my mother's side of the family is basically a garbage dump of humanity), you can't paint the entire community in that scope.  Like many of the bootstrappers, you say "if I can do it, anyone can."  That's not true. I have a ton of stories of kids with potential, drive, brains, determination who are simply lost due to their demographics and experience.  I know a kid who was from an absolutely horrible situation.  His parents were jailed, raised by his aunt and uncle as a 2nd class citizen when compared to his cousin.  I mean, they provided, but they failed in the love department.  Not quite Harry Potter situation.   He was brilliant, earned a full ride to NCSU, but failed out in the first semester because while he could navigate a crappy neighborhood and poorly supported high school; he was unable to cope with the rich, white world of the majority of NCSU kids.  Culture shock.  Thankfully, he found the military, got his life straightened out, and is stationed in Hawaii and keeps posting these beautiful images of the islands. While it's fairly easy for white people of all income levels to navigate the great world of white culture, minorities and especially minorities from poverty have an extremely difficult time "fitting in" to the greater, whiter world.  It has nothing to do with their work ethic, their intelligence, but simply stepping into a world that is so different from where they are from. Hence why there's a significant amount of internet tension between bootstrappers and those who think it's fine to help those who need some help. What I'm seeing based on his news posts is a general level of ignorance of the people around him.  I mean, I get it, there are many examples on the huddle and in the world of people who overcame adversity, but they are the exception, not the norm.  That dirty word "white privilege," or more accurately "middle class privilege," blinds people to the realities of those outside of their small circles. Now before the angry, poor-to-rich bootstrappers get huffled about being called middle class, how hard was it for you to walk into a bank, talk to people, be taken seriously, and do business?  Despite their relative levels of poverty, they still have an advantage of knowing how to function in the greater, whiter world.