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I love LT

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LT was my favorite player ever in the NFL for a long time, til Smitty climbed up to sit on that perch with him.  The first football game I ever watched was the Washington vs Buffalo Super Bowl and after that I got this NFL Films vhs tape (don't remember the name) but there was an LT segment where he's hyped up and that's when I fell in love with him.  LT is probably the biggest singular reason I fell in love with football.  This interview was hilarious, especially toward the end.  Paraphrased excerpts:


"How many sacks would you get if you played the game today?"

"Man, in my day they'd pass 20 or 30 times a game.  These days they're throwing 60.  Just give me a Red Bull and it would be over."


"You wouldn't think Strahan would be a mean guy on the field, with that gap and all."


"When Strahan got to the Giants I tried to teach him a thing or two about life.  Luckily he didn't listen to any of it."

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    • To be fair...he does live in Canada. So he pretty much has to bandwagon all his teams except hockey. 
    • Won't be impeached.   Would've won anyways if it were by popular vote. His team would've approached the campaigning much differently if that was the way it worked. But that's not, and they did what they needed to win the electoral college.   Do what grown ups did after Obama won twice, and suck it up. I wasn't happy either time but I wasn't crying about it saying oh when will he be impeached blah blah blah. Yes many on the right side did do that, don't agree with them doing it either.  And I don't like Trump much either, he was very low on my list of candidates. My candidates lost to him too. Don't see me crying and whining and hoping he gets impeached so that Pence could take over (I'd much much rather have Pence as President). 
    • Damn, 4 years eh? That's more embarrassing than anything. I'll root for Duke but definitely don't lose sleep over it or anything. If I watch I'm just watching to watch, nothing more. I didn't even bother to stay up to watch the South Carolina game. If it wasn't for Z being a Heels fan I probably wouldn't have even turned that ACC final game on either ha