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Championship Games

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I thought the same thing last year with Kansas though.....I really think they can beat anybody out of the Big East, if any conference is more mediocre than the ACC it is the Big East

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I have to apologize to VT......I went against them more I think with my heart than anything else.....You proved me wrong yet again in the ACC Championship game, Congrats!!!

Now the question is can they win a BCS bowl game??

maybe if they dont go party like mad and get in trouble like ore did last year.

honestly i was pissed they took the redshirt off tyrod after ecu, didnt expect much this season with or without him. thought it be better to save him for 1 more year with a more experianced team, then throw him out there with all the other youth in all likely-hood a bad year. turned out as a bcs bowl birth so i'll eat some crow on that, it wasnt for nothing.

props to foster for rebuilding the D. its gona be alot better next year, as my #1 concern entering the year looks much better as of late: DTs. graves, thomson, and the bunch really steped it up and look great, worilds has a shot imo to be #2 all time DE at VT. guy has a motor like tapp, and is a much better athlete.

on offense, evans, my god, dude stepped outa the shadows and ran for 1100+ yards as a redshirt freshman, and started by getting limited carries with lewis as the starter. stinespring is now the biggest issue, at 1st wrs, couldnt catch poo, now its all on him. at times it looks like he gets it, short bubble screens, running off tackle, option, then others its draw-draw-draw-punt. this group of WR isnt as tallented as the last group (no royal), but are gona be a force next year. add in a good wr and te coming in, 2 big time hs RBs, and they will be fine if stiny goes.

onto the bowl game, glad its cinnci atm. the big 12 and sec at large teams would wipe their asses with us. cinnci might, but i expect a good game. their secondary is scary good, so the hokies gota find ways to keep the chains moving on the ground. thats their bread and butter, but if i was cinnci, i stack the box and ask the qb and wr to beat me, not evans or tyrod on the ground. idk enough about their O other than qb issues (didnt they loose top 2?) bud needs to have the crew thats been rolling out there. i dont wanta see the last bowl game type out there, both got lazy, and got beat.

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Can we just keep calling Worilds by his real name Adjepong........I like that name much better and think it is a badass football name

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ughh I kinda figured Florida would win, but I just wanted to be different from everybody else

thank god I did not bet a dime on any of these games today, but I would have probably picked smarter if I had money on them

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Both the Navy and the Marines graduate from Annapolis.

True, but they don't have a team to their own.

Air Force, Navy, and Army have one.

I guess it's because they don't have a school to their own.

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