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I May Sell My PSLs

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There were some people who annoyed me at the last game - not that I'd ever report anyone. But there were a group of 4 young 20-somethings who were all drinking. Never got sloppy, but got too that point where they all thought they were oh so clever. When we were on defense, the one guy wanted too be able to count to 3 and have everyone around him shout Broncos Suck. No one did it because people were just screaming at the top of their lungs. But that's not what bugged me. They all 4 just stood the whole time not watching the game and chatting - literally, they were standing with their backs to the field talking to each other. These weren't the usual people who sit in those seats. I did think the man who sat beside them were going to report them (this guy and his wife are at every single game - he's a bit of a stick in the mud about some things, but they still are always very attentive). Well, this group had maybe 4 seats, but there were 6 people there at one time - I think they were switching off who was going to sit in the seats during the game. 2 of the guys just stood right in front of this other guy - they never made it all the way to their seats - they just stood right smack in front of this guy as they all chatted. These people were very distracting to everyone around them not because of terrible behavior, but because of very inconsiderate behavior. IMO, the people who sat in the rows behind them or beside them exercised great restraint.

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