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Happy Panther

Things that trump says

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22 minutes ago, Cat said:

Nice job trying to reframe the whole thing. No one has a problem with helping farmers when needed they do have a problem when a moron of a President make stupid policy and 2 months later has to use 12 billion dollars to help fix the problem he created. 

creating a problem, half-assedly "fixing" it, and then demanding to be showered with praise for it is standard operating procedure for republicans

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29 minutes ago, Happy Panther said:


Trump always hustling.  24/7.  

always throwing out thoughts.  Hey, you know what? I could just take back that pay raise and phrase it that they are patriots that didn't even want it.  In fact they insist.  How about that?  Float the idea they would be unpatriotic to even want it. 

I mean, it is shocking people don't realize Trump plays the same simplistic games at all times.   Then he sits back and judges the reaction.  Then decides if he could act, if he needs to stay on that message and work it more, or if there is nothing there.    

I mean he is engaged in a LONG and public Saturday Night Massacre.  He is just staying on topic and waiting until the right environment exists for that trigger to be pulled....and every Dem, Rep, and Mueller himself knows that. 

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