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E CaT PanTHer 2

#ThomasFire .. Please pray for the people in Santa Paula, CA.

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0% contained. Another one of those high wind brush fires, that's gone from 50 acres to 5,000 acres in a matter of 1 hour, and it's continuing to spread at an unprecedented rate.

god I hope this isn't DEW created.

could be devastating by tomorrow morning. 

prayers to all those affected


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why is Donald Trump using lasers to start all these fires :(

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The east coast is generally spared these things while the west coast gets toasted every year it seems. High wind fire storms are a scary thing. I'm in WA and we had so many burning this year you couldn't see the sky for 3 weeks and was basically snowing ash. Terrible thing and I'm sure we'll be getting requests for relief help going here soon. Wettest spring on record followed by the driest summer is a recipe for disaster. 50,000 acres in less than 24 hours is insane. 

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Thomas Fire, Rye Fire, Creek Fire, Skriball Fire? 

10 different strikes across a 100 mile radius. 

all started mysteriously in the middle of the night

record winds of 80 MPH. 

Ventura, Santa Ana, Santa Paula, Bel Air .... all prime real estate locations. 

they still haven't determined the "cause" of the wildfires in Napa/Sonoma ... wtf is causing these? 

wake the fug up people. California is under attack, and this is just the start. You ignorant bitches piss me the fug off with your remedial brainwashed delusional stupidity .... "oh these are just natural wildfires"

GTFO! ya'll bitches are the biggest brainwashed liberal mainstream slurping pieces of poo I've ever met in my life. 

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