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Fire Fox-Trade Pep-Bench Jake-Rebuild "D"

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Dayum, back away from the bridge people.

So you fire Trgo- well I have wanted that many times too. Someone in one of the other threads ask how hard is it to stop run when you know its coming? Ask Monte Kiffin. He is supposed to be a defensive genius. I have heard people say they would love to have him here. We ran all over his ass just like the Gmen did us last night. sh*t happens.

As far as blaming whoever...whateva. We lost. We had 300 yards rushing put up on us and still almost won. Had the wind not been blowing 90 miles an hour and the ball frozen like a block of ice, Kasey would have made that field goal. He has been money this year.

We were playing a team that was coming off 2 embarrasing division losses in a row and had just as much to play for as we did. A team that leads the league and has all year in rushing. A team known for a pretty damn good "D" itself. And oh yeah, they are the defending Superbowl Champs.

Not playing the " moral victory" card. I don't believe in them. However we played a good game last night. There were alot of positives.

When the Giants lost the last 2 in a row to division opponents, they didn't implode. There frigging coach was doing jumping jacks in a press conference and they tried to lighten up and have some fun. Obviously it worked.

And anyone who thinks being down to your 3rd string inside tackles is no big deal is nuts. Maake being out hurt. Plain and simple. It affected the effiecency of our linebackers and left a hole in the middle. Ask the Giants how they faired last week and the week before when they had key pieces out injured.

So, let's see. Jake had a decent game. He did enough to win had our D held up. Moose looked great so we are headed into the playoffs with a threat opposite Smitty. Jarrett caught another key 3rd down pass. DWill had over 100 again and was a td machine again. We did get some pressue on Manning it's just that there rushing game nullified that some, like I said, they have been number 1 in that area all year. King caught a pass or 2, meaning Jake spread the ball around tonight when Smitty wasn't open rather than forcing it to Smitty and getting picked. Yeah, there were a couple that should have been picks and the Giants dropped but there were a couple that Manning threw that we dropped too.

Moral of the story..........lighten up. Fox's mantra has always been too not let the team get too high or too low after a big win, ie Tampa, or a big loss like last night. We are frigging 11 and 4 people. We are in the playoffs. Many of our cylanders are clicking, we just gotta get a couple guys healthy and make some adjustments.

New Orleans WILL NOT RUSH FOR 300 YARDS. Who is there rb, Peppy Lepieu?

We need to smack them, take the division, secure a 1st round bye and hopefully at least 1 home playoff game.

Your friendly alcoholic anonymous and suicide help line.

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To be completely honest I am kind of relieved we lost. Don't get me wrong, I would have loved guaranteed homefield in the playoffs, but if we won this game our streak of wins in competitive games was growing and growing.

Whilst it is great to be on a run and be 'hot' at the moment, the more we won the more our chances diminished of getting all the way. It just seemed to me that we are much more likely to pull together 4 wins in 5 weeks than continue our winning streak all the way to the super bowl.

Plus, it went to overtime you can't come much closer to beating the 'best team' int he NFC.

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I'm sorry but, I will never be relieved that we lost.....NEVER.

That's fine and I completely understand that. I would just be intruiged what the longest streak to go onto the super bowl and win it is. Like I said I wanted us to win and was desperate for guaranteed home field advantage and was dissapointed as any when we lost, but it really is not as bad as it may seem.

I just for some reason fancy our chances more that we are not carrying this huge winning streak into the post season.

We would have been on a 8 wins in 9 games and would have needed to win 11 of 12 competitive games to take the super bowl (NO would have been a mute game as we would have been locked up). I just do not like the logisitics of achieving that...

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