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This should make you laugh

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Before I tell you my story, let me start off by saying that I am a twenty five year old young man who has been living on his own and providing entirely for himself for the past 8 years, sometimes by working two or three jobs at a time, all the while putting myself through college. Recent tests of my IQ put me somewhere in the upper 140's to the lower 150's. I have no physical or mental defects that have been noticed as of yet. I am the holder of two college degrees and I am working on a master level program of study.

Now then, tonight while eating a rousing meal of Ramen noodles and grilled cheese washed down with a fine glass of beer, we were watching the show "The Little Couple". Its this TLC show about a married dwarf couple and their day to day lives. While watching, I turned to my wife and said I felt bad that, even though the two of them are amazing and inspiring stories (she is a premire neonatology doctor and he is a respected businessman), I can't help but laugh at everything they do simply because they're dwarves.

After saying that, I realised that my soup was now cool enough to just drink out of the bowl. I still had about half a bowl's worth left, so I picked it up and slurrped a little out. Something caught my eye on the show: the doctor was putting a breathing tube into a very prematurely born baby. I was captivated, but still hungry. So I went to take another sip of soup.

And dumped the entire remaining contents of the bowl into my lap. Apparently, if its cool enough to drink its still hot enough to burn the fug out of your dick....literally.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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Uh... sorry you burned your dick while watching midgets on TV? :(

Is that the appropriate thing to say?

:lol: I get it I get it!!! wait what?? :leaving:

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