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Good article about how efficient our Passing Game is:

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Posted 01 January 2009 - 12:59 AM

2005.....it's that the year we went thru like 4-5 RB's? I'd like to see a team stack the box and double Smitty. I really would. Your just a Jake basher and we all know it. Have a nice day. :thumbsup:

Nope I'm just objective and unbiased, "jake basher", good one.

I guess I will write basher at the end of my Delhomme jersey, everyone who really knows me would get a kick out of it ;)

I'm always hardest on the people I love/like the most, couldn't really give 2 shits what you think :Yawn:

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Posted 01 January 2009 - 09:36 AM

did anyone watc brady last year? the anoited one had everyone slobbering all over his junk when the threw it to moss, even when moss had to bail him out completely (maimi game where he underthrew it, moss double covered makes a 1 handed catch). you find ways to get the ball to playmakers, when they can do what moss and smitty can, at times you ask them to make the play. when brady did it he was poraised, when jake does he is belittled. this is not to say these 2 qbs are in the same ballpark, but when it comes to throwing it up and asking for the wr to make a play, one is a genious, the other is an idiot thats bailed out.

I would say at least 7 of their tds was Brady throwing it up to Moss to let him make a play. All WRs are not the same, when you have one like that, it's what you can do at times. Jake doesn't do it with anyone but Smitty just like Brady didn't do it with anyone but Moss.

Hell, Brees pretty much "threw at double coverage" in the EZ against the Cats this past Sunday and at least one other time I recall and of course since he is a perfect paragon of QBs he wasn't criticized.

Jake locks in on Smith too much which is a huge problem, just refer to 2005, and ask Seattle.

The problem in that game was more lack of run game, getting their asses kicked up front on both sides, and great second option @ receiver, but I digress...

On at least two of the "bailouts" (GB the last one, and this last on in NO) Smitty wasn't even Jake's first read. This is one of those myths that just keeps being perpetuated, just like the unorthodox nature of their relationship on the field always is only "bailouts". If you want a throw that was purely 100% luck, how about the one @ NYG that went right through Ross' hands into Moose's?

I think Mason does a great job on these articles and this one was no exception. One thing I noticed this year is that the Cats' 3rd down % improved a bit as the year went on. I think they ended up @ 39% which isn't wonderful but a great improvement over 2007. And it still beat Henning's Fins. :)

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Posted 01 January 2009 - 02:25 PM

I'm sure that if Fox007 had been the Panthers QB back in 05, he would have made Kerry Colbert, Drew Carter, and Michael Gaines into pass catching superstars instead of throwing the ball to Smitty most of the time....he's that good.

#24 I Mean He Was Found Guilty

I Mean He Was Found Guilty


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Posted 01 January 2009 - 09:50 PM

Woe is me, for if we only had an average quarterback, we would have easily won multiple Super Bowls by now.

David Carr always took the checkdown. We should bring him back.