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Remember These Guys Are Human Beings

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Not just players/gladiators. I'm tired of seeing all the smart ass comments about Jake and other guys. I myself have been guilty of making a joke at the expense of a member of our organization and their job status. My main target has been John Fox.

I've even cracked a few at Jake in the last year, even yesterday at first. But, often times, we forget these guys are real people not just figureheads put out on a stage strictly for our entertainment. These guys make their living off this. Yeah, I know, "But they make millions to play a game."

Does that mean they work any less than you? I bet they work more and physically, guys like Jake give it their all.

I was never a BJDJS, nor a Jake hater. Although I did take up for him when all the idiots were calling for Weinke to play... Because it was obvious, Jake was a winner during his prime. I don't understand all the hate there was for him when he WAS GOOD. He just seemed to polarize our fan base...

But, break it all down... 2 NFCCG, 1 Superbowl, a winning record under him in his tenure, and he will finish in the top 40 all-time QBs in terms of rating (thanks to the member on this board with that in their sig from the Gantt article).

We all told our interception jokes and so forth about Jake. But, honestly today while you celebrate a new beginning with Moore taking the reigns, celebrate the good Jake did for our franchise as well. The guy was a leader. He was a gamer. I don't think you can find a much more fiery guy than Jake.

With guys like Deangelo still going to bat for him before he was released, it tells you what kind of guy he is. We saw it with our own eyes in the huddle.

Sorry if this post is all over the place, but my point is I will make an extra effort to not grab up the pitchfork and storm the village from here on out when things don't go the way we expect. I've always known, there's not a guy out there that gets 1 of 32 jobs, whether it be a coach or player, that gets to that position and decides they don't give a poo anymore and try to lose on purpose.

I want more out of Fox, but he's doing what he knows how to do. The guy is a human being. I don't want to be sorry for not knowing what we have until it's gone... It seems Fox has taken a step in a new direction with this move, so I guess that's a start.

But, after watching Jake's press conference, I actually teared up... And f**k you if you got a problem with that. I'll never forget our run to the '03 Superbowl and my wife was pregnant with our daughter, with every game we won, I would rub her belly and call her my good luck charm. When Vinateri's FG went through, I turned the TV off and went to sleep without talking. Despite all that, I don't know that I would change it, those memories will always stick in my mind. And we will be back.

Seeing Jake break down like that, I just wish we would have kept him as a backup at least and wouldn't have let him go out like that. That was hard to watch, b/c I remembered Jake for who he was.

It's all done now, but try to show some respect for these guys in the future fellas. Fox ain't perfect, but he's ain't George Seifert.

Thanks to Jake for all the great memories, and I'm already starting to forget the few bad ones. He deserves a spot in the Panthers ring of honor. Again, sorry it's scattered but this is a huge time of change for our franchise and seeing the presser kind of illuminated all of that for me...

Back to Michael Bolton.

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Pregnant chicks are hot.

And you already know that they put out....

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He deserves a spot in the Panthers ring of honor.

You lost me completely right here. No he don't...

Like I said before, it is really sad Fox did this to Delhomme. Should have let the man go out with a little bit of dignity.

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Yep, I always had to remind myself about that concern Mike Vick. He was the one player I just really loathed for different reasons. I don't hate like that towards people I meet, if I did, I'd consider myself a pretty terrible person so why allow myself to be like that with sports?

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Human Beings do not get 13 mill for getting fired.

apparently they do! you just have to be an extra special human being :D

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Sports hate is not the same as real hate. I do not wish death on any Cowboys fan but I "hate" them.

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Man, seriously though. Watch the press conference on Panthers.com if you haven't seen it. I don't care how bad he f**ked up at the end, the guy was accountable for what he did. And Fox putting him out there still didn't help.

It's a new era.

And I do believe he should get a spot in the ring of honor, he was the most successful QB we've had for a tenure of 6 years (don't count the 7th). Kerry Collins went along for the ride to the 96 NFCCG. Jake won games and led us to 2 NFCCGs. That's the difference. Say what you want, but he was a leader, ask the guys that played with him.

I'm excited about Moore now too, but it's hard to see Jake go out the way he did, seeing the press conference just kind of made it concrete.

BTW, I'd like to add Julius Peppers doesn't fit under my "Remember They Are Human Beings" category.

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