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Report: NFL Draft Prospect Once Put His Tremendous Upside In His Sister

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nagai    74

I actually agree with SouthNarolina. Don't get me wrong, incest is gross, but having consensual sex as a teenager with a younger sister less than two years younger than him shouldn't lump him with rapists and child molesters imo. The sex offender tag will stick with him for the rest of his life. Hell, the article said that he and his sister are on good terms (hopefully not too good, though) and talk often.

Ditto. It's gross, but it's not anything as vicious as a rapist.

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Razzy    5

I don't that incest, though disgusting, should come with a sex offender label that is going to follow you for life, especially between minors. Kids do weird poo sometimes if they get caught up in a moment.

If anything the definition of sex offender needs to be less broad. The majority of people, when they hear registered sex offender, think child rapist, or regular rapist, or some kind of dangerous person. Incest isn't innocent, but it's not dangerous unless your family is purposefully interbreeding. Even then it's only dangerous to your family. That should be illegal.

Now wherever these two move, they will have to put signs up in their yards and answer "I had sex with my sibling with I was a teen" whenever a neighbor asks them what they did. That's just embaressing.

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