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BCS Championship Nonsense

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The BCS sucks.

The ncaa, says having a playoff would be to many games in a season. As the texas tech coach said earlier; the state championship team in texas has to play 16 games that season, so how would it be to many games for college students if alot high-schoolers from top notch programs play that many games in high school.

I like the idea that I read somewhere.

1. Take the top 16 teams and put them in a playoff.

Any other teams that dont make the top 16 can go on and play in the lower bowls such as the car care bowl.

The playoff would still make the regular season mean something. As of the top 2 teams in the bcs rankings would get home field throughout the playoff.

2. After the 1st round the losers would get slotted to play in midmajor bowls such as the peach and gator bowls. (would let teams still enjoy the bowl experience and would help determine who would finish 9-16 in the final ap polls)

3. The 2nd round losers would be slotted in the bottom 2 bcs bowl games.

4. The 3rd round losers would meet in the 2nd bcs bowl game.

5. The final 2 teams remaining meet in the top bcs game for the national championship.

The top 4 teams would have to play 16 (17 if they have a conference championship game) which would be around what high school championship teams play in most of the country.

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Though I suspect it's true with all Big 10 fans, the only person I've ever heard openly oppose a playoff was Todd Blackledge.

But then again, if I was a Penn State homer, I'd loooooove the BCS too. Hell, if Penn State wasn't being held hostage by an 81 year old selfish coot, they'd probably be getting ready to play Florida right now...

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You guys are all idiots? Trojans? Utah? Put them against Florida and see what happens? Utah does deserve a shot they did get snubbed. the Big 12 who is supposed to be best the conference this year cant put it up in the big bowls... watch a stomping tonight in Miami...

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Utah tried to schedule a big time football school. It isn't their fault Michigan sucked this year.

They did at least beat TCU and BYU...teams that could have finished close to the top of the Big 12.

Florida played the Citadel!

Notre Dame's schedule every year looks a lot like Utah's did this year. If they would have gone undefeated on that schedule...you KNOW they'd be in the BCS NC game.

How bout the fact that Utah owned Alabama a lot easier than Florida did?

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