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Purr-Fit Season

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2010 is here...7years later we shall return to the big stage. Only this time we will win in style...going PERFECT....

think about this for a second, the Pats were going to do it then what happen...the Giants took it in the superbowl.

How's Karma???? Remember Spygate...

Giants at the time had a lame duck coach and one of their well known players "Tiki Barber" left them hanging like J.P. did for us.

This team has a chip on its shoulder...hell, the coaches to the FO and the fans.

Only thing I can see happening bad this year is J.R. having a heart attack at halftime during the superbowl b/c he knows we R on the verge of making history.

by 2011 the headliner "Purr-Fit Season" just seems to fit.....

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aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww :thumbsup:

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fug yeah 2010 super bowl champs.

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at Giants

hmmm...the team we just happening to play first. Also a team Fox knows to well, when we win...not if...this will be good motivation for a young squad.


Freeman vs Moore/Clausen

It's going to be all out war.Always is....but which QB would you take to win...hell I'll throw Pike in there too...


They been gals.....nuff said.

at Saints...

by now we could be looking at two 3-0 teams looking to take lead of their divison.Saints really cant take pride in having "we all we got" mentality plus they just won the superbowl chances R their still partying by this time.


now it gets interesting...Gross vs Pepp...that's all's its going to be....nope...sorry this game is won by the Special Team...huh u say...oh the bears got tha kid hester rite...well we got this is the game where the wildcat comes out.

then there's a bye...but understand this..the wildcat came out...we R katz...yea Black Katz at that...and once we see something works, we going to keep doing it until u stop us....hence....


good def...cant keep up with our offense...

at Rams....

lets just say by then S.Bradford will be on the bench...and for karma sakes I'm not saying for what...just ask his coach at OK...


Too much rolling for us...and I believe they R still

at Buccs

They hired back Gruden...


If we play them away maybe they had a shot...but not here they dont...tough game but this puts us clearly in the driver seat. This will test both our mental and physical...and we will pulled thru...barely.

at Cleveland

We dont even get to play against Delhomme..huh..??? I hope so...but their coaches have no loyality to QBs

at Seattle

College coach still thinking he coaching college..


Now this is were it gets tricky...Moore in we win..Clausen in we lose....Clausen would be trying to beat out M.Ryan and could cost us our perfect season...oh wait i forgot...WILDCAT...atl did try to help upgrade their def but cmon now...when ever.

Could be a trap...but I believe we pull out


Hey that trip from the west took to much outta of them so late in the year.

at Pitts

This one I'm going to. My dad's team is Pitts so....yea. Most wont get to see it but if it looks like we in trouble I'll do the jail

at Atl

Bittersweet...Atl dont want us to claim perfect reg. season just yet and try wayyyy to hard. We stick to the gameplan and we have a first round bye....

PLAYOFFS....and you know how we get down in the PLAYOFFS....only this time its 4real...and Smitty aint having yea the youngins goin hear from him cause he knows he doesnt have all the time in the world no more....

keep coming back here thru out the season...and see if i'm rite or call me out on the first game we lose.....when we do...

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I am officially back from my two day absence of posting. I had time to reflect on my life and have come back a better more enlightened person.

And Carolinapanthersinceday1 has posted two times. And I can already tell he is the damn man because of these two posts. I like the positive attitude. Some think the sky is falling because we traded Chris Harris. When in all seriousness has he done much since his 8 FF season? Personally I don't think so. I think he was a very local leader and gave 110% every game but I believe he can be replaced. And I think if it takes Chris to leave to get Sherrod Martin on the field then it had to be done. Sherrod Martin is going to go beast mode on everyone.

And just to clarify for those who think I am either a f**k/or crazy. I am going to miss the hitman dearly. The hit he laid on Brandon Jacobs two years ago gave me a hard on. He will be missed and was a true panther.

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any player who wore a carolina jersey gets mad respect and love from me...even if they leave on bad terms...cough...J.P... cough. But what I see us doing is what

everyone else been doing...finding fresh legs...fresh minds...freshness....smell that....

Something smells good in the kitchen and if u cant smell it then u must not be in here....

....plz no bandwagoners on this trip i believe that's why we fell in 03 b/c once we hit the road we know how much we can carry with basically dont come asking for a taste....

Tru Fans done ate now its time for dessert

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Just a reminder that Drugs are bad MMKAY!

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Nice optimism, no matter how misguided.

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