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Let me go ahead and say this now....

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For you sensible Huddlers, thank you for your forum participation.

For everyone else....

Tonight is a preseason game. There has been zero game planning for the Ravens. The plays are scripted regardless of what the defense is showing. The coaches are more interested in seeing the progress of their players than scoring points or getting first downs. A specific play may be called just to see how certain members of the OL are working together, nothing more.

Please please please keep the inane "FIRE FOX" and "START CLAUSEN" threads for a different site. They will be deleted and you will feel the Kurb bant stick. You won't be missed.



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I cosign this OP..

We don't want this board to go downhill faster than Primetime with the Packman after a State bass-fishing tourney win.

Greatidea to prep the kiddies.

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