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Calm Down

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Oh please. Stop being a fanboy. There is no reason to "Calm down". We just took a loss to an in-conference team, and now start in the hole. I love my Panther's but I'm gonna be honest here. We looked exactly like what we are. A team of rookies and backups.

Additional Negatives:

There was crap protection for the QB... 4 sacks for -34 yards = horrible.

Our running game was a joke... held to 89 yards. What the f**k happened to Stewart? He had 12 yards!!!

Our 2nd half Defense fell the f**k apart. 110 Rushing yards in the 2nd half by New York alone, not to mention another 90 passing. Yeah... our Preseason D was just that... Preseason D. These backups and rookies aren't gonna get it done.

Our secondary... god... our secondary was garbage.... I lost count of how many plays where they were just standing the hell around. 263 total passing yards and 3 TDs. Yeah we had a few interceptions, but they were all useless considering the TDs and yardage they gave up... and never mind the deep running they let go on. Were they hitting a bong on the sideline? Horrible.

The Giants are a an "OK" team, but even at that, they were facing some losses due to injury, and had rookies too. There's no excuse for what happened today. None. When you walk away from a game saying "Our Special Teams looked good" your team just gave one of the worst performances they could have.

I'd like to say we will bounce back... but if Clausen is really going to start next week... we're screwed. Not because he's a bad QB, but because he's a rookie, and the team will lack veteran leadership. I hate it too, because I think he could be a really good QB... but not taking snaps behind the O-line as it stands.

First off all what the hell are you talking about fanboy? I'm not happy about this loss at all. But when people have meltdowns about one bad game there is a reason to calm down. Your right the running game didn't do so hot today, which means we should win every single game the running game shows up and we limit our turnovers. Rep to whoever said we lost this game and the giants didn't win it I forgot to add that. Like I said we can only go up from here and if you really fail to see the logic than you are a terrible fan.

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I also forgot to add that the Giants should not have had a field goal and possibly another touchdown due to wrong calls by the officials. Field goal (4th down run) and touchdown (Nicks was juggling that ball clearly as he went out of bounds) Take away that and the score is 21-18

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Well, on the bright side, if they play as bad as the played today, high draft choices, and new coaches all around, and it's time and a wide open salary cap. I would say that would make this team attractive to any coach.

I'd like to say i'm being facetious but I'm not. 10 years of this is enough.

There is enough of a core there to build on....and I think they ought to retool that O-line a bit, seems to me Gross is not the same Gross, and Otah, well, an early 20 something with no meniscus in the knee doesn't bode well.

It's time for a fresh start for this team and it isn't going to come this year. Nothing changes, why go through the litany.

This year, I'll just enjoy the games and have no expectations as clearly, it will only be frustating to have them.

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i think we will get better, all the ints were terrible throws. the rain didnt help and our oline has got to get their poo together. Blocking in all aspects was piss-poor

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great post. you forgot to mention kasay who hit some tough FGs today, one of them was a 50+ yarder.

i want to say that i agree with everything you said... except the part about matt moore. what i saw from him today is that he implodes when the game is on the line.

he kept trying to force things that werent there. on the 3rd down red-zone int, he should have thrown it away, and went for it on 4th. and even though i think the play-calling was bad on his second red-zone int, he still had plenty of oppertunities to throw it away, and try again, but he was making horrible mistakes, which is the worst thing possible when all your team needs you to do in manage the football, not try to be a gun-slinger and throw into triple coverage.

maybe he just had a bad game, or maybe his tru colors came through today, but the reality is that he will not be re-signed after this season, and now that jimmy is going to be playing a few games anyway, we might as well go ahead and give him the keys for the future. of course thats just my opinion though. over-all, a really good post and a good read.

I did forget Kasay and thank you. You never know too Clausen could start the next week with Moore out and prove that he can win at this level early. I just don't appreciate the immediate meltdowns everyone had after the game. More importantly is Moore knows he played awful today and I fully expect him to come back and play hard as soon as he is healthy. It's fortunate we have a backup in Clausen really.

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