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WR, DE, DT or CB?

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I think you go DT with the first pick. The defense will be strong for years. Brown, Hardy, and Norwood will develop to into pretty good players so I think you can rule out DE. LaFell, Edwards and Gettis will also get better so unless a stud WR falls to us I don't see that happening. CB maybe a possibility. With the way Gross is playing tackle might be an option too.

Falls to us? at this point im thinking we have a top 5 pick, we got our ass's kicked by the freaking buccaneers.

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Obviously bpa at one of those positions. If a great player falls or is available and you pass on him for a player at a position you have your heart set on, you're kicking yourself in the nuts. People seem to act as if the first rounder is the only draft pck that matters. You can strengthen any position at any point in the draft.

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Right now it looks like we could be high enough to take AJ Green or Julio Jones. If those two guys are there then you take them. They are both perfect compliments to Steve Smith and we actually could think about putting Steve Smith in the slot for the last years of his career where he could be even more dynamic. If Green or Jones are there then you take them and its a no-brainer IMO.

QB - Not drafting one next year with Clausen and Pike on the team. We are going to ride it out with them for the next few years and hopefully one of them will step up and be the long term solution.

OL - Not playing well but is set right now when Otah comes back.

RB - ....

TE - Not in the first round.

DL - I like what we have if we stay a Tampa 2.

LB - No need in the first round.

CB - Could be a need if we lose Marshall but I think we keep him.

S - I think we have two long-term first round need.

WR - We have ONE player that can catch the ball consistently. LaFell I think is going to be the answer to something...I just don't know what. Maybe he'll be a good slot receiver who knows. But the fact of the matter is that if Green or Jones are there then you take them. If its only Baldwin or Floyd there then you have a decision to make if their competition is a guy like Patrick Peterson. We just need a WR so damn badly. As much as I am hoping Clausen leads us to the playoffs this year...I know its not probable. So that said...Please find a way to get AJ Green or Julio Jones.

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    • This makes sense to a degree with one big BUT... It's clear we'll be changing up our offense quite a bit this season - both due to the need for "evolution" and because of all the new players on offense we have to integrate - especially CMC & Samuel.  So, Stew needs more reps than he would have needed last year just to get in a rhythm with the new guys... Otherwise what you write makes sense. 
    • Already admitted i was wrong saying that, what I meant to write was he never learned to do it in college and makes it much easier to fall back into old habits in the pros. Was going back and edit that before I posted the thread and just forgot. And yes, every QB is going to be inaccurate at times, Cam is more inaccurate than the other top ten QBs, He just is, that's not his game,  didn't see anyone complaining about in 15. He makes up for it in other ways. And, no offense meant, didn't see a whole lot of Cam blaming in your post, actually, didn't see any. It was all someone else's fault. Cam has more difficult throws than many QBs because he frequently passes up easy throws for more difficult ones.  
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