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This is what Clausen is up against

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Frank Reich - September 3rd, 1995

In the Panthers first game against the lowly Falcons, Frank Reich proved effective despite his best efforts. While barely completing 50% of his passes, he threw for 329 yards and 2 TDs. The Panthers even tried to go for the win on 4th and 1 from the 2 down 3 with no time left, but were set back when their runningback (who's name escapes me) false started. It was the first time I heard my dad say f**k.

Still, pretty impressive showing.

Kerry Collins - October 8th, 1995p

Having apparently thought "f**k it," Capers gave the alcoholic from Pennsylvania his first start against the suck ass bears. Kerry completed half of his passes for 288, a TD, and an INT. The Panthers were beat up and down the field that day and were lucky it was as close as it was. Still, not terrible.

Steve Beuerlein - September 22nd, 1996

The first QB in Panthers history to win his team debut, and in my opinion the best QB in their history. Beuerlein picked the crumbling empire apart filling in for Kerry Collins. I vividly remember him getting a false start called against the niners with a hard count, the first I'd ever seen. Steve was 22/31 for 2 TD, 1 INT, and 290 yards.

Chris Weinke - September 9th, 2001

The 45 year old Weinke went into a hostile Metrodome and defeated a team that looked damn near unstoppable in the preseason. He was an efficient 13/22 for 223, a TD and an INT. The Panthers pulled out the remarkable upset.

Then they went on to lose 15 in a row and the WTC was destroyed by Islamic Terrorists so I'm going to go ahead and assume it can't get worse than this.

Matt Lytle - November 11th, 2001

Filling in for an injured/poo Chris Weinke, Matt Lytle led the Panthers into a charge of the light brigade and was absolutely slaughtered by the St Louis Rams. Playing against mostly 2nd stringers after the Rams scored 21 points in the first quarter, Lytle 15/25 for 125, 1 TD and 2 INT. Let's just forget this game, and this player, happened.

Rodney Peete - September 8th, 2002

Peete started off the John Fox era with a completely forgettable win against the Baltimore Ravens. Deciding to lean heavily on the run, Peete completed 12 of the 19 passes he was allowed to attempt for 136 yards and a TD. They won this game somehow.

Randy Fasani - October 27th, 2002

Possibly the ugliest game in the history of organized sport, this game matched two unstoppable defenses (Tampa Bay) against two very bad offenses. A civilized society would have stopped this travesty at halftime. In his big league debut against one of the greatest defenses in NFL history, Randy Fasani went a mind boggling 5/18 for 46 yards and three interceptions. I vividly remember him trying to outrun Derrick Brooks to the sidelines and getting obliterated in the process, then standing up defiantly and celebrating that they very nearly completed a first down. I went to this game and didn't sleep for weeks.

is now a cop. has the honor of retiring with the lowest career QB Rating in NFL history.

Jake Delhomme - September 14, 2003

Jake :(

After leading a miraculous comeback against the Jaguars the week before, Jake was substantially less effective against the defending super bowl Champions. He went an embarrassing 9/23 for 96 yards and 2 interceptions. However, through his grit, heart, and leadership skills he singlehandedly willed the team to a victory. 3rd Panthers QB to win his first start.

I'm sure most of you remember this because it was right around the time you started cheering for the team you bandwagon jumping mother f**kers.

David Carr - September 30th, 2007

Oh christ divert your eyes and hide the women and children. Captain Gloves came in after leading the team to victory the week before and poo the bed like no one had predicted. He went a mind numbing 19/41 for 155, a TD and an INT. His play of the game was getting flipped diving for a first down.

His Panther career would end with the crowd chanting "Moore," and fox saying that he thought the crowd wanted "more offense."

Vinny Testaverde - October 14th, 2007

Vinny was pulled off the couch and immediately pressed into action against the lowly Cardinals. With hardly any practice whatsoever he lit them the f**k up, going 20/33 for 206 and a bomb TD, passed on the entire state.

The fourth QB to win his team debut.

Matt Moore - December 16th, 2007

Matt Moore expertly ran a very slimmed down offensive gameplan to the tune of 27/41 for 274 and a TD. This was the first home win in over a year. He would continue to improve for the rest of the season, setting the stage for his stellar end to 2009, and getting my hopes up before his recent implosion.

was last seen cutting his wrists outside a hot topic at carolina place mall.

the 5th Panthers QB to win his debut

Jimmy Clausen


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Clausen is gonna be the man. I have to believe. I can't wait to watch him develop this year.

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Damn after reading that, I guess Clausen could very well be the greatest QB this team has ever had. Some of those memories should stay tucked away in the back of my mind. :(

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lets add this...Kerry Collins and Clausen both are the only high draft picks at the qb position from the panthers. Clausen's pick is something new to all the fans of carolina. We have not had this potential since Kerry Collins! So there are no comparisons.

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You know I can't remember who the running back was in 1995 either...I think Anthony Johnson was in 1996. To be honest the first 5 or 6 years of Panthers football is like a train wreck in my mind...I remember bits and pieces but don't know where they go...fug I'm getting old.

BTW...entertaining post.

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my guess on the 95 RB is Randy Baldwin. Derrick Moore wasn't a starter until late. AJ wasn't signed until late in the season. Butler By'not'e was only a KR.

Peete's Ravens game was forgettable because, if I remember right, it was a blackout.

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