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In 2012 I want...

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Bernard Pierce. thought i'd make one too...

but seriously, in 2012 i want Bernard Pierce from Temple...if we dont have either DWill or JStew then. he is a sophomore now, and was considered for the heisman last year. here are his freshman numbers compared to Adrian Peterson's

AP: 254 carries, 1431 yds, 9 rushing TD's

BP: 223 carries, 1308 yds, 16 TD's

he has 84 carries for 455 yds, and 6 TD's this year so far. he didnt play week 5 because of a minor ankle injury(Penn State game).

6'0", 218 lbs, 4.50 40

can't find any highlights on youtube, so if you do, please post them.


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Just my opinion, but we need to stop using high draft picks on running backs.

RB is generally the deepest position in the draft. Just about every year there are stud RBs from the 3rd round on, sometimes all the way through to UDFAs. They also have the shortest NFL careers.

Just about every team is moving to a two or three back system, which means the amount of impact they have on games is reduced. If your pass/run ratio is 50/50 and you're splitting carries, then one specific back gets the ball maybe 15-25% of the time? Compare that to an OT, that plays 100% snaps on offense and generally has a much longer career.

RB gives you very limited return on your investment compared to other positions. QB, DE, OT, LBer are generally your money picks for 1st rounders. CB, DT, WR also can be good early picks if you're looking at them being the BPA.

Sinking so much value into the RB position, as well as throwing value away by trading future picks for current ones, are big reasons why this team is in such bad shape. Again, just my opinion. :D

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Just a thought, the Panthers best season (Super Bowl run) their previous top draft picks leading up to that were...

2001 MLB (Morgan)

2002 DE (Peppers)

2003 OT (Gross)

Still they ran the ball effectively with a strong offensive line and a cast off RB they picked up through free agency for next to nothing.

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Just have a look around the league and watch how many RB that were drafted late are doing.

Arian Foster, Ahmad Bradshaw, Michael Turner etc.

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