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Gerald Wallace on being traded

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I wouldn't say that the 20's aren't good I would just say it depends on the particular draft.

Since the 2000


These guys have been selected for All Star Games or All-NBA Teams

2000- 19th pick- Jamaal Magloire

2000- 43rd pick- Michael Redd

2001- 19th pick- Zach Randolph

2001- 25th pick- Gerald Wallace

2001- 28th pick- Tony Parker

2001- 30th pick- Gilbert Arenas

2001- 37th pick- Mehmet Okur

2002- 35th pick- Carlos Boozer

2003- 18th pick- David West

2003- 29th pick- Josh Howard

2003- 47 pick- Mo Williams

2004- 20th pick- Jameer Nelson

2005- 17th pick- Danny Granger

2005- 30th pick- David Lee

2006- 21st pick- Rajon Rondo

However, like others have said it's really a hit or miss and a lot of the guys just turn out to be role players.

i don't think it's as much hit and miss as some of you claim. some teams draft well and some dont. i see the celtics, spurs, hornets, bucks, mavericks, trailblazers, magic in this list, teams that have drafted well historically.

i don't see any bobcats.

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And we've been so good since he left.

Were they so good before he left? H*ll, were they ever good while he was here? (Not blaming him of course)

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Draft picks are going to mean alot under a new CBA, maybe not this year, but the two picks we have for 2013. Both sides said they favor an NFL style CBA, which would make picks that much more important.

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