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Yep get out the car which means that a fight is sure to happen.... Yep thats the thing to do

Dude this is nascar not golf..its part of what makes the sport

and i really don't think a "scuffle" (which is what it would have been) would be that big of a deal. Its not like they were going to be in a brutal ufc style fight, it woulda ended after a few shoves , grabbing ones helmet and maybe a punxh or two. Nothing anymore violent than what goes on at least once a week in the nfl.

Yea i agree both were aggressive but that's not why people are mad.. the intentional hook ky bush pulled, yea a few ppl are hating on him for that .. however most people are giving him hell because he ran and ran like nobody has ever done before..lol he did everything in his power to scamper away from harvick and people are calling him out for being a wuss, which is pretty accurate ..

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As far as pushing the car.... It can not be said that was his intentions....

1) The car should have been put in gear, and if it was Kyle just would've messed up his ride also...

2) It looks like he was looking at KH, Harvick swung, Kyle instantly drove off.... The car was right there... it was quick reactions, not predetermined...

I call BS. When KH got out of the car, all Kyle had to do was hit reverse and go on.

The video looks like KH swung after Kyle had put his car in gear and hit the gas.

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