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some pictures i took in laos

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Crossing the Mekong River by skiff, from the Thai border to the town of Huay Xai on the Laotian border.


This Laotian kitten reacts to seeing a foreigner the same way most Laotians in this remote region do - with stares and thinly-veiled curiosity.


Cruising down the Mekong River in a Laotian longboat, workhorse of the river. It was a rugged two-day journey from Huay Xai to the fabled city of Luang Prabang, and this was my view for much of it.


Clouds obscured the surrounding hills for the duration of the journey (and, it seemed, my entire time in Laos.) I took dozens of similar pictures but not one could do the beauty of the mist-laced hills justice. You'll have to go see for yourself.


Plunging ahead into the fog. The river wound serpentine through towering hills and craggy karst peaks, and views like this were the norm rather than the exception.


This famous Lao temple in Luang Prabang was absolutely stunning (and so big I had to shoot it with a wide-angle lens to properly capture it.)


Two young novice monks climb a flight of about five hundred stone steps to a small temple on the top of Luang Prabang's highest point, a hill offering panoramic views of the entire area.


Ornate floral arrangements such as this one are common in Southeast Asia, usually as offerings to Buddha. These ones appear to be purely ornamental.

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One of many colorful butterlies alights on a flower in a temple in Luang Prabang.


The ledgendary snake whiskey, a potent combination of fermented rice whiskey and poisonous snakes, thought by locals to be a sort of natural viagra. Vile-tasting stuff.


A platter of herbs and chilis awaits potential customers in a night market in Luang Prabang.


Luang Prabang is a delight for the culinary-obsessed, and the food stalls in this vibrant night market are no exception.


The muddy Mekong River flows through the dense hills below. Here I have departed Luang Prabang, headed for the capital city of Vientiane.


Highway 13 in central Laos. Inbetween the capital of Vientiane and the mountainous backpacking hub of Vang Vieng, it is little more than a narrow ribbon of pothole-ridden concrete, but it still serves as the country's main highway.


Biking the highlands of central Laos. Just outside of Vang Vieng, this trail leads to the base of one of many enormous karst peaks, especially dramatic with dense fog pervading the craggy fissures and mystic crevices of the region's topography.

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if you guys find these interesting i have some pretty cool shots from cambodia as well i can post. i'm leaving vietnam tomorrow and off to singapore, brunei, and kiribati after that so with any luck i'll have a few more good ones to come...

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I feel like I'm in Laos, any shemale pics?



next time im in bangkok i'll take some pics just for you

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I hope you don't end up on the show Locked up Abroad.:nono:

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Most excellent PhillyB.. Love to see more pics, but keep the shemale pics in jason's inbox..:D

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Awesome pics!!

But after watching River Monsters..I'd be scared as hell going down the Mekong river


the closest it go to that was an old lady dragging a string of stank-ass foot-long catfish on board.

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