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Free Agency Update

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DeAngelo Williams and Charles Johnson will both have an idea where they are sigining Friday and everyone in the front office believes tehy are staying

Barry Cofield is expected to be the first target the Panthers go after from fee agents of other teams. St. Louis also very interested

Panthers will wait to gauge the market on CBs and see what type of contracts who is offering who. Aso most likley to Houston like I have been saying for months. Joseph will wait to see what Aso gets and the Panthers will bid accordingly. The teams loves Joseph but will not pay top dollar. Detroit and Philly are two teams you need to watch out for raising Joseph's price. I asked if Joseph was realistic for Carolina I was told as long as it he does not get over 8 million a year then yes.

Look for Paul Posluszny to get a monster contract from the Giants. Could be the first free agent to sign with another team.

Burney was their number 1 target for the undrafted rookies and they got their man. They are very happy about that. Already view him asbetter than Wilson, Stanford

Thomas Davis will get an extension shortly and never hit free agency, but like he said if they do not reach an agreement he will be released. Will not happen though.

Other then signing their own guys their number 1 priority is finding a defensive linemen and they wil 100% add at least 1 veteran.

Jerry Richardson is aware of the Kris Jenkins interview and is most offended about the part where he cares more about his investors than winning. That is one of the reasons he stressed his coittment to winning in his letter yesterday.

Sidney Rice is not high on the Panthers radar andd again will only make a move for a veteran WR if they decide to trade Smith. Edwards is their preferred choice.

The Panthers will also 100% sign a safety. Both Martin and Godfrey surprisingly are not safe but no talk to moving the to CB yet

The plan is to bring Landri and Rosario back

If Matt Moore is not retained that is going to be a huge sign that Cam is going to start

Mikell and Weddle are both high on the Panthers wish list being familiar with McDermott and Rivera respectfully.

skins already making contact with Holmes. Mosnter contract offer coming

Number 1 goal for Tuesday is to get Newton signed. No visits are happening today or tonight.

If the Panthers trade Steve Smith they want a third rounder plus a player

Orton to Dolphins is close

Kevin Payne will not be the only safety the Panthers sign

Good News: Looks like the Skins will have both Franklin and Cullen Jenkins locked up by Friday leaving no room for Cofield. That leaves St. Louis as the Panthers biggest hurdle. The Giants expect to use money on MLB and RB so wont bring Cofield back.

If Orton to the Dolphins is as close as I am being told do not rule out Matt Moore signing back here late.

I really did forget to post this this morning and rotoworld reminded me. The release of McGahee takes the Broncos out of the D-Will sweepstakes

Half Rumor Half Opinion: With Banta Cain released the Jets may release Paace to sign him. That is the rumor. My opinion is Pace could be a good pass rusher speacialist in Carolina and if I am not mistaken he is from Wake Forest

With the type of players the Panthers are targeting it seems like Fua has a better shot to start than McClain

Reggie Bush released? This is what I am hearing

I am getting the sense that it will be reported later tonight that one of Johnson or D-Will will be staying. Stay tuned.

The sense I am getting from the guy I speak to one of D-Will or CJ could make a committment as soon as tonight to the Panthers. My gues would be D-Will because I remember reading a while back that CJ will be in Atlanta this weekend and my guts says he wants to see Atlants offer especially since he was being recruited by players from Atlanta.

The Bears really liked Braylon and could make big offer, so the Panthers need to decide quick if they like him and are getting rid of Smith.

Also looks like the Bucs already made a huge offer to Aso

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With all the craziness going on today I find it highly doubtful that anyone would have the time to constantly be updating someone not in any way connected to the organization (you) with information. If they are in any serious way connected to the actual goings on within the organization anyhow.

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Should have chosen a different thread title :(

You are right I was just asking for drama. I changed it. I will not be respond to any of the doubters.

The only thing that I added that was not on my twitter was the Bucs made a bigg offer to Aso and the Bears are thinking of preparing a big offer to either Edwards/Burress/or S. Moss so the Panthers need to act quick if they like Braylon.

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