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Israeli troops acted humanely and justly in Gaza strip

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engine9    1

Gravitationally and heterosexually challenged females*

She's not really a lesbian though.

Don't you think it's mean to toy with our emotions this way?

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LiQuiD    59

It's incredible, I've learned more about fat gay women and SD89 in this thread than anything else. Is the thread title a metaphor for something?

This thread went to hell quickly :P

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ChucktownK    0

oh wait of course they didn't

of course none of this was reported because the american media was taking guided tours by Israeli soldiers into staged altercations while the IDF was dropping white phosphorous into cradles and blowing up the UN headquarters.

remember that if you openly support israel you openly support a terrorist state!

Yeah I know what you mean...all those stupid lil Isreali kids that go over to Palestinian markets and blow themselves up. And those Katyusha rockets that the Israeli militants keep sending over to Gaza....for shame! And Israel should really stop kidnapping border guards at checkpoints...not to mention them breaking cease fires. :rolleyes:

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party_animal    523

Oh look pstall is making excuses for blatant oppression and imperialism again.

What makes this argument fun is if you substitute other situations throughout history and see how little sense it makes.

i don't blame you for using press reports to justify your stance, fiz. that's all you know and that's really all you have. so, until you can step away from biased media coverage and look at the situation as a whole, my advice to stay quiet. besides, for someone whose never been to that corner of the world, you're speaking with very little knowledge and experience with what really happens in these situations. do you really believe what you post, or do you only read the parts that pertain to whatever argument you're attempting to make?

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