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....and your user name says it all :cornut:

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"I trouble not myself about the manner of future existence. I content myself with believing, even to positive conviction, that the power that gave me existence is able to continue it, in any form and manner he pleases, either with or without this body; and it appears more probable to me that I shall continue to exist hereafter than that I should have had existence, as I now have, before that existence began."

Thomas Paine

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    • I've worked as an IT contractor for the state of Texas for the past 6 years. I do basic IT hardware support mainly supporting equipment that is a decade old and obsolete. I do stuff like requisition a new hard drive for a server and replace it. Or troubleshoot network problems. If I can't solve a problem I move the ticket up the chain. Pretty basic stuff. I'm currently studying for a CompTIA A+ certification and an MTA cert just to make my resume look better. I was given word that our contract with the state is not being renewed. It expires August 31, so I'm going to be laid off unless my company can find somewhere else for me to work. We've already laid off 10 people since this time last year and my team only has 3 people left on it. The work is drying up as the state moves more and more to virtual server technology so I'm like 99% sure I'm being let go. I'll probably get 4-5 weeks of severance and I can apply for unemployment. Austin has an insurance program for musicians I can apply for since part of my income comes from playing music. I've been trying to get a new job doing basic tech support or even call center type stuff but the jobs are either terrible, like want someone with the kind of experience I have but pay $12/ho and I won't be able to afford my rent, or they require stuff that is way over my head. I went to school for audio engineering at UNCA,. I didn't really intend on pursuing IT as a career, but music doesn't pay poo and I kind of have to go in this direction. I'm pretty depressed because I've been searching for a new job for years, and I've had interviews and whatnot, but the jobs either don't pay enough for me to leave my current position or they require stuff I don't have and/or want to pursue. I feel like I'm stuck in neutral. I'm almost 30 and I feel like my career hasn't gone anywhere and I'm going to be making just a little above entry level pay my whole life.  Anyone ever been in this situation before? How did you make your career take off, or find something you were passionate about and run with it?
    • The Associated Press
      (@AP) BREAKING: Top House Democrat: Documents show Flynn apparently lied to US security clearance investigators on foreign payments.   oh