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Carolina -10 1/2 vs. MSU

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Nope sorry. If most UNC fans were like you or my friends who went there (who I watched the 'nova game with) I'd probably not have this burning hatred for them...but alas I do and will be cheering for my old mans Alma Mater.

I believe that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. C'mere big guy... :lol:

I can still distinctly remember watching the NC State championship game in '83 with joy as they took on Phi Slamma Jamma and held them to 0 slams while they started and finished, (winning the game) the game with them...

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FWIW, if given the 10 1/2 pt. line I'd take MSU too. Just wanted to rile up some ABC'ers.

Should be a good game, unlike the 30+ point beatdown a few months ago. They were missing two key players (yeah we were minus Ginyard and Zeller, but their losses were much greater than ours). One thing about MSU is that Izzo is a GREAT game time coach, better than ole Roy IMO (although Roy has shown improvement particularly in this year's tournament). I still think we hold the edge overall but with virtual homecourt advantage, MSU could conceivably win this thing.

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If Carolina boxes out effectively its going to be very very ugly.

But if MSU creates second chance shots and protects the ball, maybe they sneak out of there.

Carolina is just so balanced and deep.

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