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Props to the Jazz and Jerry Sloan.

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Year after year afer year. There they are. In the playoffs. One of the most consistent runs in ALL of sports and I just don't think the Jazz or Sloan get enough credit.

Had a certain guy not returned to the NBA back in the day I think the Jazz would have won back to back champ's.

They use the draft well. They use free agency wisely and seem to develop talent very well.

Hats off to them

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    • I'd love it if someone could do a compare & contrast post on Corey Davis, Zay Jones, Ross and maybe one or two of the other top WR prospects, ranking them on Speed Route running / separation Hands (catch percentage) Durability Fit in our offense For me, Ross is off my board (at least in the 1st round) due to his knees / injury risk.  Davis seems promising but it's hard for me to imagine DG going with him at #8.  Seems like one of other players we are likely to have ranked higher (Thomas, Adams, Fournette, Howard) might be available at #8.  Barnett & Lattimore might be above Davis on our Board and have a pretty high chance of being there at #8... I don't watch much college football at all. (Have enough trouble watching NFL games here in West Africa)  Don't know enough about Zay Jones and any of the other potential round 2 WR prospects....
    • I think Panthers fans would lose their minds if we took Lattimore. But he would be a stud for sure and pairing him with JB24 would be nice.