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BMW 328i?

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My car died and I'm shopping for another one. My heart is set on a BMW 3-series, used.

I have driven a 2008 BMW 328i. Very sweet car!

Anyone have any thoughts? Do you or have you had one? Problems?

In researching, some complaints have been regarding the fuel pump, but most reviews are very positive.

What do you think?

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have a warranty ...make sure you have a warranty!!!

something and something often will go out and need to be replaced on it..i swear what feels like once a month..when you don't have a warranty..you get screwed

we had a 2004 545i ...I loved it but made my husband trade it in b/c a. it was costing HUNDREDS a month to fix..and B. to get it right so that we wouldn't have to spend that every month..it was going to cost $7,000...screw that

we were parked in the car lot looking at a new car to buy....wouldn't you know the radiator decides to crack and leak ALL over the Honda parking lot...I couldn't sign those papers fast enough :)

I love a BMW..but it's not worth it imo unless you have the money to spend on it...we didn't

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My ex had a 540i. Electrical "issues" that came and went. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars to try and diagnose/repair. Even the service manager at the dealership said even he'd never own one unless it was under warranty.

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BMW's have a lot of problems. They look nice and have nice features, but stuff breaks on them constantly and it is expensive to repair. If you can/have someone in your family that can repair cars or you are very well off, then go for it. If you cannot afford to constantly repair a luxury car, then look for something else.

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