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Getting Db Crazy

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We seem to be addressing OL and S in free agency. Rather typical of Hurney.

From who we have brought in and interviewed (I know we do not know the complete list) It seems that we are interested in drafting LB, WR, DL.

I have not seen much at CB interviewed--I think we talked to Dwight Bently, a smallish (179 lb) small school player who could fall to fourth. I am thinking they like Hogan and they want to build the pass rush first, which makes sense.

At DE, have they decided Hardy is not the answer? What about Keiser, who had 4 sacks in limited playing time? Can they get more pass rush out of Applewhite? I think we address DE, but not if we don't do it in rounds 1 or 2.

At DT, the prospects are a bit questionable to warrant the 9th pick. They are either workout warriors, one-hit wonders, or very raw. We get Edwards added to the mix and our 4 first year players (Shirley, Kearse, Fua, and McClain) will be much improved. I am not sold on the fact that we address DT, but if we do, it could be a late rounder like that kid from Canada or Martin from Michigan.

I think we are going WR or LB early. Most people think we are set at WR. That is wishful thinking--regardless, we seem to be interested in WRs.

Michael Floyd or Luke Kuechley--Possibly a Coples or Ingram--it is really hard to tell.

I hope they learned from their mistake at DT last year. None of our DTs graded out positively last year. Fua actually graded much higher than McClain, but both were in the negative. We can't win like that. Edwards should solidify to some degree our run stopping, but he is not a back field disrupter. Applewhite & Kieser seem to be very solid role players. With run stopping AND pass defense a deficit for us, I could see them going DT. I feel only Cox is deserving of our slotting tho. He's not raw or a workout wonder. High motor, productive player in a good divison in college.

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Db might be crazy, but it's a hell of a lot better than Cb.

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