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Panthers Pre-Draft Visits List & What It Could Mean

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Below is the list of guys the Panthers have already brought in for Pre-Draft Visits. Just some thoughts as to possibly what Hurney & Rivera are thinking, based only on who they brought in for visits. Each team gets 30 visits, but to date, I can only find 25 guys brought in for the Panthers. Add more to the list if you know of any others.

Overall it seems like they are focused on addressing needs for: DT, LB, FS, WR, G (& possibly DE). Seems strange they haven't had more CBs in for visits.

I think their choices show mostly a 1st round focus with DTs, except possibly that Worthy may be there in the 2nd. DE Jones as possibly still being there in the 2nd. Thinking that 1 of the WRs Wright, Hill, Randle & Jenkins to be there in the 2nd & Adams for the 4th? That the LBs, other than Kuechly, some will be there in the 4th when we pick. FS prospects: lloka is a higher round prospect who should be gone by the 3rd; McCray should be there in the 5th & after. Guards Zeitler & Silatulo are 2nd–3rd round projections & Leary is a late round projection.

Here’s the list with thoughts (parenthesis = date of visit, if found):


Fletcher Cox, Mississippi State (4/17)

Michael Brockers, LSU (3/9)

Dontari Poe, Memphis

Jerel Worthy, Michigan State

· Determining who to go with in the 1st & possibly thinking Worthy may be there in the 2nd if they went WR, LB, etc in the 1st.


Quinton Coples, UNC (3/12)

Chandler Jones, Syracuse

· Coples to decide for the 1st, Jones for if he’s there in the 2nd. Jones is very good, but his stock is rising a lot, may not be there anymore. I would love Jones in the 2nd.


Luke Kuechly, Boston College (3/22)

Bruce Irvin, West Virgina

Keenan Robinson, Texas

James-Michael Johnson, Nevada

· Interesting that they brought in 4 INSIDE LBs. Kuechly is d/t draft position, IMO, but why ILBs? I know they can be converted, but are they thinking about shifting Beason outside if Davis can’t come back full strength? I don’t like Irvin, but I do like Robinson & he has great size…I really like Johnson (very good instincts).


Morris Claiborne, LSU (4/10)

Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina (4/9)

Trumaine Johnson, Montana (CB/FS)

· The first 2 is for 1st round determination if they are there, Johnson must be for the 2nd?, since we don’t pick again until the 4th & he shouldn’t be there. This concerns me, but he is a good FS prospect only, not corner b/c he is slow for CB.


George Iloka, Bopise State

Kelcie McCray, Arkansas State

· Glad to see they are thinking about the safety position, with these 2 + Johnson. I do not like lloka (not a playmaker, just great measureables). I would prefer some other guys though in later rounds (Brandon Hardin 5th or later; Matt Daniels or Phillip Thomas in 7th or UDFA).


Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State

Michael Floyd, Notre Dame

Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech

Kendall Wright, Baylor

Rueben Randle, LSU

A.J. Jenkins, Illinois

Joe Adams, Arkansas

· 1st round projections for Blackmon (who actual could fall) or Floyd. Hill-Jenkins in 2nd & Adams in the 4th if still on the board.


Kevin Zeitler, Wisconsin

Amini Silatolu, Midwestern State

Ronald Leary, Memphis

· Shows they are serious about the G position, b/c 2 out of 3 are 2nd round projections.

Just my thoughts, since we are geting closer to 'the day'. Hurney is usually pretty good at throwing everybody off, so it's probably off-the-mark, but there's nothing else happening right now, so figured it's a good discussion to open for everybodys thoughts...

edited for font (looked screwy)

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I hate your choice of small text but you, sir, get pai for your work.

Yeah, my bad, I didn't knoiw it would look like that, b/c I originally did it in Word. Thanks for the feedback, I changed it now.

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Yeah, my bad, I didn't knoiw it would look like that, b/c I originally did it in Word. Thanks for the feedback, I changed it now.

It was a little difficult to read and I'm only 20 granted I have bad vision but whatev. I just know the old farts here wouldn't be able to see it is all.

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I think our second may end up being the likes of Zeitler, Johnson, Hosley, or Hill...but if Kendall Wright makes it to 2.9 I'm all over that like white on rice

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