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Guest Irv

A great solution to gun control

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Chris Rock is right. If I were a lunatic and decided to go on a shooting spree, surely the inflation of ammunition prices would cause me to reconsider my stance on mass murder.

While we are at it, we should legalize marijuana but charge $10,000 for the devices that are used to smoke it. Diet Coke cans would never come into play. I mean, why download music for free when I can buy a song on iTunes for $1.29?

How many more mass shootings will it take for people to realize terrorism is terrorism?

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A funny joke but hardly a real solution. To say there needs to be a solution would imply that there is a problem, which there isn't. We live with harmful objects in our society that some people abuse. Nobody wants to live a perfect life inside of a plastic bubble.

Banning alcohol or raising the cost of alcohol to a thousand dollars per can would reduce the number of fatalities caused by drunk drivers. How many people would support that though?

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