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Jordan a Pot Head?

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I've noticed this for years. Personally I think he's boozing a little too much.

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No. I don't think MJ smokes weed. Seems like it lends itself to too much complacency. But, DRINKING on the other hand, he absolutely gets toasted, lol.

Before I started school at UNC, and my wife was already a student there, one of my good friends played football there at the time and I asked him if he had ran into MJ yet.

He said that he always just missed him and the closest he ever came was at Top of the Hill. He said that he had just came in and everyone was telling him MJ and Barkley had just left... In part because MJ was completely blistered and falling into tables IIRC, lol. My friend said a lot of people told him they saw him in similar circumstances from time to time when he would come back to the Hill.

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