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Good game

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oh sweet thanks for the redundancy turdwagon. congrats to the lesser-of-decent-human-beings and noted drunk driver michael turner for not murdering any minivans full of children while recklessly endangering lives a couple hours after getting two yards against denver

I congratulated you. Why the hostility?

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Wait I gotta ask the Failcons are saying we have bad examples for a QB??????!!!!!

When it comes to the failcon recklessly risking other peoples lives in a car can in fact be beaten with a dogfighting ring run for years by a man your team offered a record contract to. I'll take the guy with the donates his hair to charity and hunts down kids he can give the ball to every touchdown.

Hey buddy 2 words: MICHAEL VICK

(yes I know you are going to say hes with the eagles now but really ....... your best statement is you arent the guys that bood santa?)

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