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This Coaching Staff is Babying Newton

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Posted 23 September 2012 - 09:53 AM

Well it is the Panthers asking Cam to carry the team......not Cam just electing to have that role. He does carry the entire team overall.

I said it before and will keep saying it.....you want to help a young QB win and grow? Build him a defense so he doesn't carry the team. Carolina isn't doing such....

Double Trouble + Tolbert is silly. There is a reason the 49ers, Texans, Jets, etc in the past have lined up and punched people in the mouth on the ground. They have defense.

And I agree with you whole heartedly...

A QB cannot carry a team if he doesn't have much of a team to carry in the first place. If folks feel Cam needs maturing when he's the one carry the team, then it's a strong reflection on how immature the rest of the team really is.

Eli makes me cringe everytime he throws that ball but his receivers learn to work with his weakness and they make plays you wouldn't expect. When it comes to the defense, I have always felt the Gaints has one of the best in the league, even when they are struggling.

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Posted 23 September 2012 - 03:37 PM

Yeah, always comparing the blacks to each other. The vibe I get from this site is that the hate for Cam has more to do with many of you than him. Some hate Cam because he's a black QB and they prefer the standard white one because they a programed to believe they are better. Some hate on him because he's not Luck, the media created HOF "ready" QB, and other hate him because in their twisted mind, he somehow took the job of a more beloved QB who was dismissed before Cam even got on the team. Throughout it all, Cam has never really done anything himself to warrant such hate. A lot of the hate simply comes from immaturity and arrogance.

I have to LOL @ some of you fans. Yeah, Cam need to be as mature as Steve. Ripping off his helmet...Pounding his chest..Spitting profanity all over the place...fighting with other receivers...Now there is a great role model for Cam. And he's the Captain of your team??? It's no wonder you folks are in such deep denial of your team. Blame your QB for everything. He's the one who needs to grow up..Not the rest of the Panthers. Not clearly not your Captain receiver.

Also, have you ever thought that the running option was implement because your receivers cannot EVER seem to get open nor are they able to pick up much yardages on their own? Or are your eyes so glued on Cam's ass that you don't notice such things. I notice that a lot Thursday night.

As I watched the game on Thursday, I kept wondering why Eli was able to always find an open receiver when he was playing against your team but when it was Cam's turn the Gaints were all over the Panthers receivers. Even more is, maybe the Panthers need to open themselves up to adjusting quickly when things don't go their way instead of doing the same ish over and over again. Oh yes, I forgot, that's Cam's fault also.

Did you really get out of my original post, that I hate black QBs? I compared Cam to Vick, because they both have great running ability. Name me a white QB that is a threat to run a 50+ yard touchdown.

With that said, I have no idea why we run the option so frequently. The only reason I can think of, is they want to use Cam's running ability as a main weapon. Big mistake! I see that as hindering his growth. Its not like Cam came from a pro offense in college, the guy is still adjusting to the pro style. Why keep him depending on college style, when he is now in the pros? Overall, this run option offense is a travesty. It's an insult to what Cam has already accomplished. Last year, he was good running the pro offense. To implement these options is a disgrace upon this coaching staff if you ask me.

I told you to name me a white QB that could run a 50+ yard touchdown, there's actually two who can do it. Andrew Luck and Alex Smith. Look how their coaching staff handle those abilities however. They don't make them run option plays or designed runs. They have them run the full pro style offense. If there are any racist implications, its this NFL mentality that only black athletic QBs can't run a full offense. That they got to run as well as throw, but mostly run. I don't want that, and that is what my post is really about. Let the guy run the full offense.

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Posted 24 September 2012 - 08:03 AM

All I'll say is that watching RGIII on the sideline yesterday impressed me. Sacks, knockdowns, fumble lost, blown up - none of that mattered. When he came off the field he stayed up walking the sideline and stayed tuned into the game. he did not go sulking on the end of the bench.

Post game: Alert, energetic, professional, courteous. No pouting - and positive message even in a loss.

I'll quote my favorite sports movie line "Attitude reflects leadership".

It goes both ways - Cam needs to put the big boy pants on and display some leadership even when things are going bad. Coaches need to do the same.

Pouting, withdrawal and stoic/complacent stances are contagious. Want to change the atmosphere of this team - coaches and team leaders need to lead the charge.