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Does anyone else have this feeling...?

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climb to the roof of the highest building close to you and look down. you should see a dumpster below. aim well and let gravity to all the work.

Phobia of heights..

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Calling on extensive athletic experience...judging by the type of non sense drama going on with this team right now...

There are two outcomes of the current situation

1- team will come together and grow as a unit


2- it will further continue down this road towards being an absolute shitshow of a season

We will find out Sunday vs Atlanta

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Or you could start drinking heavily like Fieryprophet apparently has.

When the Panthers crush Atlanta I will make sure to pump this thread and gloat accordingly. If they lose I will call myself an idiot and let it go. But to act as if we have no shot at even winning this game just ignores the insanity of the NFL, where top teams can and will lose games they shouldn't, often in embarrassing fashion.

Need I remind anyone, yesterday the following teams toppled higher ranked teams:

Min > SF

Ten > Det

Oak > Pit

Arizona > Phi

KC > Saints

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Let me be frank: this is probably the most critical week of the entire season, and will likely determine the direction of the franchise as a whole.

I have a very strong feeling, however, that we're going to come out and take out ten days worth of pent-up rage on the Falcons, Cam is going to revert to post-scandal Auburn Cam where he locks in and unloads, and the defense will finally have a big game.

I really, really think we're going to rip Atlanta a new one.

You might be setting yourself up for major disappointment. Let's not forget, the team we beat, is 0-3. Their defense is non-existent. I think the best thing we can do at this point, is to let Cam get another year of experience, and look toward next year.

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I feel like there is a giant snowball just rolling at a high rate of speed...

Not addressing holes on the roster

Guaranteeing super bowl

Laying an egg vs Tampa

Getting crushed on national TV

Drama with #1 and #89

Cam sulking

Radio, Media calling Cam a baby

Our offense is now exposed

Cam seeking a mental skills coach

People calling out Cam / slump etc.

Beason isn't the same

Defense is not good...(I think we are close though)

We are just going on week 4...and these headlines and topics surrounding our team are the last things we wanted to hear....

Damn I feel like someone punched my sister... Or kicked my dog....

I need a beer or something my head is just spinning with negativity

Only one that bugs me is probably the most irrelevant ... Kalil's Guarantee...I cringe everytime I think of that ad

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Look just go big pic- the common thread on here was that 9-7 was an acceptable season. Wait for the end of the season and go from there. As long as the season ticket holders keep their tickets the team is not going anywhere. Cousre as long as those guys have there seats its not much incentie to make big changes. guess life will go on same as before.

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