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Pick 3: Marshall, Jones, Williams, Hankerson

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Which 3 receivers are you taking this week out of these 4,

Brandon Marshall vs. DAL

James Jones vs. NO

Mike Williams vs. WAS

Leonard Hankerson vs. TB (keep in mind Garcon is out and Hankerson will be RG3's main receiver)

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Garcon practiced today (limited) this might be a decision you have to make sunday. I dont think I would be brave enough to play hankerson either way.

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    • From what I saw in the Senior Bowl he won't be ready to play this year without getting Cam killed. I'd rather not take a project in the 2nd. Maybe 64, but I just am unsure about him. If this class had some actual top end guys, I think he'd get pushed down to the 4th. There are just too many other positions where we could be getting a CB, S, DE, RB or TE who in another year would be a 1st rounder/early 2nd. If we take this guy at 40, I'm pissed. 64, maybe. Depends on who we get at 8 and 40. I'd rather see if he falls to the 3rd. He's not that good yet and maybe he won't ever be.

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    • Bottom line is eventually it will come out Trump's wall talk has always been nonsense.  
    • And Stephen Davis was a 4th round pick. So you want to take a 4th round pick at #8.