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Head coaching candidates..

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Inimicus    2,565

Al Pachino!!!

I mean Id kill for him after this:

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Matthias    1,225

I still say let's give Marc Trestman a shot. Tell me this is not the look of an offensive mad scientist....


If Rivera would accept, I would demote him to defensive coordinator.

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Matthias    1,225

You don't demote hc.

Why not? There's a first for everything, I believe it would work out for both parties. Rivera doesn't have to move again, and we don't have to look for another DC.

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4Corners    2,040

LOL - My thread which was coincidently titled was locked after a couple days.

People need to get their heads outta their asses regarding Rivera.

First, as I stated in my thread, I am not wishing any sort of ill will on RR and I'm not crossing my fingers for a change. This is based on two reasons:

1. It's still too early to fairly critique Rivera as a HC.

2. It's not in Mr. Richardson interest to fire people. He doesn't have a history of doing this. I believe that he feels that if he's going to pay you, he wants you at least attempting to earn it. See: John Fox

but back to RR: I know that the manic, hot and cold huddle is not the best means of collecting a sample, but there is growing sentiment about Rivera here. The MFCEO is even aboard the coaching change train. I'm not a big fan of WFNZ but they are even talking about this now.

The coaching has been more bad than good since RR has got here and at times he looks over whelmed. Not to mention his lack of emotion is starting to really bother me. If fans notice it and feed off of this lack of emotion in games, what the hell do you think the players are doing?

I appreciate a level headed, even keel approach during game days, but damn dude would it kill you to get fired up after a game? or after a play? or DURING the game?

Under Rivera, the Panthers have regressed fundamentally (IMHO) and have become complacent. I don't see a killer instinct and I try to convince my self that I feel a desire and see hungry collection of players as you'd expect with a young team, but sadly I don't feel those are there either.

Rivera has also at times shown a lack of knowledge of coaching fundamentals in game. Extremely poor clock management and questionable play calling. I don't understand his negligence towards the RB corp with the amount of money invested in the group. More evidence of his coaching abilities is the regression (yeah, I said it) of Cam Newton. The coaching staff had a full year and uninterrupted off season to teach and talk to him and look how that's worked out.

Sure, Marty is as much to blame (IF NOT MORE!!) but right now, RR does not appear to be a head coach that can get the team over the hump. Do you think Mr. Richardson would like to go back and maybe pursue Jim Harbaugh over Ron?

Combine poor coaching with poor management and that my friend is a winning recipe for a losing franchise - which is exactly what the Panthers have been for 5 years.

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davos    3,855

perfect HC canidate

I mean we stole his playbook last season haha

Kuechly = Icebox

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Mr. Scot    34,975

No Gruden.

No Cowher.

The Ryans are great coordinators, lousy head coaches.

Seriously doubt Rivera is fired next season.

If he is, outside of Mike Zimmer, not much out there.

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