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Official Broncos at Panthers Gameday Thread...

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Wow he was so open Olsen didn't know what to do after the catch

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TE is john Fox kryptonite.

well thanks captain ok.

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    • I'm glad peppers is back, but I really feel like we are going to be doing something special this year and i want smitty to be a part of it. he needs to at least finish his career here, but i think he's got a toughness and a fire that we need to get back. no more mr. nice guy. we tried that. this team, for whatever, isn't liked around the league, esp. among fans and the media and there's no amount of good things we can do to change that perception. we need to own it and be the next team that everyone hates, but can't deny the power of. We have the potential to be the next dynasty. I'm not sold that rivera is the one to lead that unless he goes 100% back to being riverboat and never regresses (which i am not counting on). I don't want us to cheat, but I do want us to be that team that will punch you in the face if you dare get in our way and then dance over you when we've gotten to our goal.   btw, the change in celebration rules kind of sets the stage nicely for a smitty return. he can show these young ones how it's done.
    • I think people can have concerts wherever they like but if they have a concert that is open to the public it should be open to everyone.   Stores can be open or closed to the public whenever they see fit.  You shouldn't have to provide your services 24 hours a day but when you do provide a service to the public the public should be treated equally. Again, the KKK is a terrorist organization and you can refuse service if there is reasonable concern for you or your customers personal safety.  And a white person can file a discrimination suit against a web designer if they feel like they are being refused a public accommodation because of their race.  A homosexual does not have same protections in federal statutes. And quit saying "participate in".  They aren't asking for gay sex.  You aren't participating in homosexuality.
    • LOL! You mad. It's May, there's not much to talk about. Everything will get over-analyzed right now. Might as well just accept it or disappear until there's more to talk about.