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Like Watching a Road Game

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I usually never criticize fan support during games. I live 200+ miles away and do not own PSL's. I go to only 1-3 games per year. Even when I came close to buying PSL's this offseason part of my purchase would have included selling 2-3 games per year to help finance the other games. I hav extreme admiration for those who put their money where their mouth's are and show up every game.

But why don't I hear you? I see you every time I visit. You wear the colors. You buy the tickets. I know you are there. Am I out of bounds to ask you to be loud and proud?

Panthers just stopped the Bronco's on their opening possession and instead of cheers I hear silence. Cam gets sacked and instead of silence I hear cheers. It is sickening.

I am going to make a point of going to the Tampa Game and losing my frickin' voice.

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The fans are drained... I was at the Bucs prime time game in 08. The team was playing well and the place was a mad house! Ive never had so much fun at a Panthers game! You cant expect the team to look like garbage all day and our fans to switch on thier excitement because we made a couple of decent plays.

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