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The Panthers record since the 2009 season. That's a win percentage of about 31%.

Some teams that compare to this W-L record in the same time frame:

St. Louis Rams: 13-44 (23%)

Cleveland Browns: 16-41 (28%)

Washington Redskins: 18-39 (31%)

Buffalo Bills: 19-38 (33%)

Jacksonville Jaguars: 21-36 (37%)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 22-35 (38%)

Detroit Lions: 22-35 (38%)

Hey, at least we aren't the Browns or Rams! The Rams have been historically bad since 2007, winning only 20% of their games in the past 6 seasons (including this incomplete one). This is a worse 6 year run than even Tampa Bay between 1983-1988, when Tampa won only 22% of their games. Tampa Bay had a stretch from 1983-1996 where they never finished better than 7-9 and won 28% of their games (winning 64 games out of a possible 223).

So hey guys, it could be worse!!!

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but the core...

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    • a neonazi event without advocacy of violence is an oxymoron. nazism is the advocacy of violence, it's a core principal of the ideology. it's a genocidal ideology, which promotes the murder of innocent people based on their race. i don't need the respect of neonazis. i hope you absolutely fuging hate me. here's the organizer of the "free speech rally."
    • I don't blame anyone for not bothering to vote given the depressingly comical choices, and the overall current state of voting in general. Honestly the voters that pat themselves on the back because they were rewarded with an "I voted" sticker like a little kid that just got a piece of candy for merely doing what they were told just because they voted for another round of empty suits are a big part of why our political process is one pitiful rehashed song and dance with only the letters besides the names changed. The Americans that spend their time trying so desperately to defend and kiss up to the rich elite thinking they'll one day join the cool kids club like they see with Donald Trump who says and does whatever he wants are in for a very rude awakening sooner rather than later.
    • This was a great way to spend a half hour at work.  Shocked I made it in here before its moved to Tinderbox.