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King Taharqa

The City Of Charlotte is named after a black woman?

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Pstall isn't the only one that puts out fallacies on purpose.

I do this all the time, usually as flame bate, and sometimes just for shits giggles

Last week in one thread I started acting omnipotent just to see who it would piss off, wasnt saying anything that was incorrect, but if you act like you're gods gift to man kind it will piss people off and they will argue against you in a "I'll show him" kinda way if thier argument is crap or not. and the best flame bait is a half truth that's a full lie as they say.

I think it's funny that someone can spend 5 minutes on a forum and not think that people do this.

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She more than likely identified herself by her nationality (German). Its also been noted she was pro-abolitionist and was against slavery at a time it was big business for England and the rest of Europe.

And Africa

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