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"All I know is this team knows how to lose"

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I've lowered the bar...

2012-2013 will be a success if one of our players doesn't take out a full page ad predicting a superbowl....If the season starts without such an ad, I will celebrate

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On the sidelines yesterday, there were some people celebrating with a few minutes left. Media type people. I told them the Panthers would lose this game. They laughed at me, said there was no way, and asked why I thought so.

"All I know is this team knows how to lose" I said.

I went on to explain that the offense would fail at trying to run the clock, there would be some mental errors, and V-Jax or Clark would end up winning the game.

They looked in amazement at me as all I said came true, but really, anyone that had been paying a little attention all season long saw it coming.

This losing stench is going to take a few seasons to wash away I am afraid. At this point, one can't help chalk it up to karma for the 2010 intentional tanking of the season by JR.

Pass the bourbon.

I agree with you 100% plus. I've been saying what you stated about this team from since last season. I sensed it from the first few games I've watched. A team that has resigned themselves to losing mentally doesn't know how to win. They simply hope to win. What is so sad is, this team doesn't realize it. You can't hope to win. You have to know how to win. Even worst is, the mentality is not only with the players but seems be with the coaching staff also. It's like some kind of negative Karma surrounding this team.

I feel your pain because I kept looking at the clock on Sunday and hoped that the Panthers wouldn't figure out a way to lose the game. It's not even about opponents anymore with this team. It's simply feels like this the mentality of this team is, don't know how to win. They play like losers hoping to get away with a win. I hope the team realizes it's real problem and fixes it because individual talent alone is not going to help this team.

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I hope they do not promote Beane to permanent gm - was reading an article about him in the local paper a few days ago - the guy thinks he has a shot at it and is apparently one of JR s favorites.

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    • Yeah.... a single person of a religion encompassing over a billion people on the planet.  I don't see social media blowing up with the Muslim community in the western part of the world denouncing these attacks.  When Dillon Roof happened, there were a lot of Christians that denounced him immediately and repeatedly.  The point is that effective change for this extremism must come from within those communities.   The tide is turning, but people within those communities still feel fear of reprisal from within their culture for saying anything that could be construed as aligning with anti-Muslim stances.  Those dangers shouldn't be summarily dismissed for those that are brave enough to take this stand. I also stated that the media needs to do their part in accurately portraying these denouncements.  What I see instead is the media propping up ridiculous caricatures of people rather than your average person.  
    • The drive killing penalties he gets, lazy route running, and drops offset his potential upside. He is better suited as a tight end in this league
    • ..... the Panthers will usually tweet the most flattering videos.   (Pours gas on fire)