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Making Win7 stop auto-updating Nvidia Drivers

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Anybody know how to do this? Win7 does some auto-updates even if you have auto-update turned completely off.

We have three workstations with Nvidia 4000 cards and stereo emitters that keep updating the driver and the new driver kills the stereo emitter function.

I want to completely turn that auto-update ability off.

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Once it's downloaded a driver, you can't prevent it from being installed even if you turn off auto update. That only stops new updates.

There's a way to prevent driver installations manually but it's a pain in the ass and I forgot how honestly.

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are you sure its not the nvidia console that's running the autoupdate?

I honestly don't know... I'll check the Nvidia control panel for that....

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Try doing a regedit on each local machine. I think there is a DriverSearching method under LOCAL_MACHINE -> Microsoft -> Software -> Windows -> DriverSearching (or something close). If the binary is on 1 I think it is enabled, 0 is disable and 2 is prompt user. Not sure if it nvidia specific though.

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