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Mock Draft by A Random Dude

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GM: Tom Gamble

New Head Coach: Greg Roman

If we get Gamble, I could see him bringing Roman back to Charlotte


The Jags seem capable of winning another game or two, the Raiders and Chiefs will play each other again, and I think the Eagles can win a few more. Us though...its looking like 2-3 for the rest of the season. I think we'll be either 4 or 5 in the draft and think Joekel will be gone when we pick.

Plan: build from the trenches and bring in some athletic offensive talent

Round 1

Star Lolulelei DT Utah (or go Hankins if Star is taken)

Given Joekel, Geno, and Jarvis are off the board, this would be the ideal way to go. Putting him alongside a big vet in D'wan with CJ and Hardy'xander at the edges sounds top notch.

Round 2

DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson (or go Patterson if he declares)

Let's pull in a wide receiver. Good spot to get someone like Hopkins, that Patton kid, Williams, or Patterson (especially)

Round 4

Justin Fauria TE UCLA

Exactly what we need to pair with Olsen

Round 5

Omoregie Uzzi OG Georgia Tech

Underrated and a helluva run blocker

Comp Pick

Zach Line FB SMU

I love the Texans offense and how they've utilized Casey. It be worth trying to find that type in the draft.

Round 6

Marcus Davis VT WR

He could drop because he drops, but he has elite speed and would be worth a late round we need to load up on offense.

--------------->Fill FS and other O-line needs in FA

Sorry if I messed up with a pick we don't have, I don't follow this sh*t like crazy, just half crazy

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just half crazy...i like you

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    • They should be on notice after last season regardless. I'm just wondering if the rumor about KB's weight everyone keeps talking about on twitter is true. 

    • To be fair he looks huge to me but that's because I'm just barely 5'4 I'm not that big so most people look and feel big to me. But I can't really tell if he looks bigger or he just looks big because he's a big dude. But I mean I wouldn't have a problem with him getting bigger if it's all muscle. But all of that is whatever the only problem I've had with Benji is the way he looks on the field he look like he didn't have that much energy. I'm not going to pretend to know why, but I don't really care about that specifically. But I think he is going to prove me wrong and that last year was just a bad year for everybody on the team. #ThinkPositively

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