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Here is a note to the Positively Republican community. We posted the picture below yesterday to honor an elderly war hero who was murdered in cold blood by two thugs. While tens of thousands of you loved and shared the picture, many of you began to scream that we are racist because the picture mentioned that the killers were black. First, let me say that we did not make the picture. Second, let me say that the people who run Positively Republican loathe racism and want nothing to do with racists.. The point in having the race of the murderers on the picture is simply to draw attention to the fact that when a white or Hispanic person kills a black person, the REAL race-baiters like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey and President Obama come out in full force and want to make it a racial killing, yet when black people kill black people or black people kill white people, it is called racist to mention the fact the killers were black.

Frankly, we don't care one bit what color the murderer or the victim are. Murder is murder and it is wrong! It is also wrong to try to stir up racial tensions by only making an issue out of murder when the victim is black and the murderer is white or Hispanic. We are fighting the double-standard set by the race-baiters.

Click LIKE if you think that Americans need leaders who will not try to get the races to hate each other!


Yes it was really great of you not to stir up racial tensions here, since the DA has said race was not a factor. It's precious how you put Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Oprah Winfrey there with the President. I remember when Bush was President we always used to put in in the same sentence with Chuck Norris because they are so much alike, however, nothing racist about it

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cookinwithgas    7,376



I guess this isn't racism
27 minutes ago · Like
Christa Rhodes Beam Thank you!!
27 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Stacy Daily @ Douglas exactly. ..it was a hate crimw and should prosecute to the fullest of the law.......
...period...he served...what has obama done nothing..
27 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 3
Donna R Hurlbut Ost This hero of WWII and a young man from Australia, senselessly murdered and the race- baiters such as Sharpton, Jackson and oh yes, OBAMA have said nothing! These men and their families deserve better! Thank you RMike Loyson,,,,,well said!!!!
26 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 2
Inge Curtis Amen...
26 minutes ago · Like
Robert Schmidt Obama's son would have looked like Trayvon. But not like these three, don't get it twisted. Oh, am I racist for pointing that out too?
25 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Chuck Morris Im wondering if this is ok with Jesse Jackson and his running mate or if thisw is just something that happens? I think that both of them so called men need a reality check and then shut up.
25 minutes ago · Like
Richard Soto What do you expect from nun skulls like Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey who demonstrate how their education is not helpful and show their stupidity in their actions. Initiators of causing trouble but act like they respect honesty and humanity. Again, what can you expect from them? Other than Non-Sense. All full of that, especially the So-called, our Cheif of Commander.....
25 minutes ago · Like
Shawn Zachery Let's see. Draw attention to race baiters by race baiting. Yeah...I can see how that makes sooo much sense.
25 minutes ago · Like
Gilberta Vertrees Burris Black or white evil is evil
25 minutes ago · Like · 3
Barb Helle-Morris I could not agree with you more!!! They are racist & have done more to divide this country than anytime for many years !!! Shut them up & there will not be a race problem. I am disgusted with what was done to Delbert Belton, makes no difference to me who did it, fact is he was killed for no good reason!!! Too bad all of them can not come forward & stand against murder!!! It is too bad they only see when a black is killed by someone other than a black !!! they are sick !!!!
25 minutes ago · Like · 1
John W. Reagan This is unamerican
24 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 2
Kristina James am so sad.
23 minutes ago · Like
Karen Vaccarella Sick bastards need to go away forever!
23 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Joe LoBue Actually one was black, one was mixed race and one was white, but Republican or Democrat, this is another senseless act of violence and should be cause for outrage.
23 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1
Janis Clapp Uh....excuse me...witnesses called them Black...that was the physical description. GET OVER IT! Truth hurts...then stay in bed.
22 minutes ago · Like · 3
Gregg Tillery We said !! Call a spade a spade !!
22 minutes ago · Like
Kenneth Sheldon Weaver Of course it's about color and race! People are outraged that so called black leaders are not stepping up and acknowledging these incidents. It's a simple answer, there is no money or attention for them in this kind of crime. If the black leaders who scream racism every chance they get had no audience to listen and buy in then they would be broke and have no fame! They are self serving and love the spot light! To me it's amazing that everyone believes every white person is a racist and every black person isn't. No matter what you believe on race your better believe it exists on all sides. Bottom line these two targeted a senior citizen because he was a easy target, white America you can't ralley or protest or bitch! If you do your considered a racist. Welcome to the age of P.C. Get used to it
21 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 3
Barbara Heider Waiting for a statement from Obama stating, "If I had sons, they'd look like these two thugs!"
21 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 2
James Tyler The SCUMBAG MURDERERS were BLACK!! Not racist at all, just FACTS!! If people stop bing fricking pansies and say it like it is, we have a chance to take this country back!!!
21 minutes ago · Like · 2
Randy Moan AND, if they were black, call it what it is. Black. Stupid Idiot Black Knuckleheads. It is racist to NOT say this.
21 minutes ago · Like · 1
Faye Harris death penalty for killing a hero
20 minutes ago · Like · 1
ChantalandJared Everett Seriously let me straighten one thing out for those of you who didn't graduate high school we are ALL part of the HUMAN race. When a black man kills a white person he is considered a THUG and animal. When a white man kills a black, he is let off on all charges, and the whites are upset that the blacks have something to say about it. LOL this world is twisted, but God will set everyone straight one day RIP sweet Veteran, you did not deserve what happened to you. No one deserves that no matter their skin color.
19 minutes ago · Like · 1
Maureen Fountain Montoro Amen!
19 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1
Maureen Fountain Montoro Amen to the post ! Not the comment by Chantal!
17 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Mary Lou Aiello LeBoeuf Saddest thing I have ever heard
17 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Carmina Cabezas cual de los 2 asesinos pudiera haber sido hijo del Senor Presidente como dijo con el otro?
16 minutes ago · Like
Penny Ryan Race race race, everything become#s racial look whose in the Whitehouse, I don't think Martin L King even thought that we'd have a blk President before a woman everything has to be racial, murder is murder that is wrong wrong wrong +colar has nothing to do with it !!!!!
16 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1
Laurie Santerfeit Rice i agree.
16 minutes ago · Like · 1
Jeannie Stone Well I can't stomach al sharpton just looking at him make me puke, as far as Jessie Jackson his son is doing jail time so I think he should keep a low profile and have the nerve to marching a 50st anniversary of martin Luther king spreech
14 minutes ago · Edited · Like
John Morgucz They are low life punks who picked on an easy white target. And I'm judging them, 'not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character".
14 minutes ago · Like · 1
Susan Watts Whites are being put in a position where we have to speak up for ourselves....Black racism is growing out of control in a very violent way...
14 minutes ago · Like · 4
Martha Martin I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 minutes ago · Like
Don Harden Lived many years in Spokane, know exactly where this happened. Such a shame.
Hope they kill these animals.
12 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Arthur Naprstek Jr Notice how Obumma has said nothing about Shorty Belton`s murder,,,,,,,
12 minutes ago · Like · 4
Myrtice Pitts Hunter So sad ............
11 minutes ago · Like
Terri Hilger Hainline You called that one right.
10 minutes ago · Like
George Rt Sr. what we will have to do is use force shortly you women better seek cover
10 minutes ago · Like
Richard Pettit @Richard M. Keefner - your very adept at throwing platitudes. "Without a racist..." Give us a bresk. At 63 Im too old to take a beating, black, whitr, hispanic, native american, asian or muslim. This incident/murder should have Never happened, but it did and at its root these coward were thinking of Florida. There was a trial and the jury made its ruling. I dont care what your opion is "Get Over It". The trend is a large number of Black on White assults. Jackson, Oprah, Obama and Sharpton are very quiet on this. Ive been through the Civil Rights Movement, Now it is time to put this to Rest. I do condemn those who assult the elderly, those who would kill the elderly especially a veteran. Time to Clesn and Lock n Load Mr Ruger just in case.
10 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1
Clement DeFranco the world is in big trouble,how many thousands of people are being killed its insanity..
10 minutes ago · Like
June Fieleke He went to war for this country,was 89 years old, and was killed by two black thugs. What has this world come too?
9 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Ann Healy-Uhrig Well said!
9 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Mike McCoy Obama doesn't even know about this. I'll bet the two black trash thugs look like him though.
8 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Heather Hohmann I still say that the all parents of these criminals should be put in jail with their kids and when they get out, all of them have to tend the graves of the victims they murdered for the rest of their lives.
7 minutes ago · Like
Stacey Sullam The fact that you have to defend yourself by even answering ignorant a-holes who think stating a fact is racist is beyond rational. If it were the other way around, Al sharp-head would be standing high on his soap box screaming something!
6 minutes ago · Like · 1
Dennis Sumicad Wait a minute, I am neither black or white. But I am fed up with this BS! Justice for the vet! Hope these hooligans rut in jail! Or maybe send them to Syria for a vacation!
6 minutes ago · Like · 1
Rene Lyautey Frye No matter what color the murderers were or what color the victim was, murder is murder. I wish our wonderful so called president would come forward and say something about this l just like he did scout Trayvon Martin, but we all know that isn't going to happen. If the veteran was black and the killers were all white, you can bet he would have been one of the first to cry foul.
6 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1
Brian Hildebrand Bottom line is the picture supprts racism. If you truly didn't care about the racial part you should have cropped it out. But the"NEED" to show it was black teens who committed the crime promotes it. Real Talk. ...
6 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Leonardo San Jose where are the fuging extorsionist Jacson and Sharpton.
6 minutes ago · Like
Positively Republican! @Joe LoBue - No, Sir, you are thinking of the murder of the Australian baseball player. Mr. Belton was murdered my two teenagers who happen to be black.
5 minutes ago · Like
Amy Addison-Dunne "Claims not to like racism"

"Racist comments made by supporters." Lol.

And for your information? What relevant about the ethnicity of these guys? Would you say '2 WHITE MEN MURDERED HIM'?
4 minutes ago · Like
Jack Cullinan Truth be known; Lincoln was the first Republican President. Equality for minorities has been a Republican stance since. Can't change the color of victims or attackers skin after the fact.
4 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Amy Addison-Dunne No, you wouldn't.

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cookinwithgas    7,376

So can I safely assume that the word "thug" is used only when referring to black people now? It's the only time I ever hear it.

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